How to build a house from a bar with your hands

possibility of erecting their own log house allows you to do the job to any interested person who does not have construction skills.Wooden house will appeal to those who are fed up with the latest developments.Bruce has long been used for construction.This eco-friendly very durable material provides excellent insulation and always appreciated.

home from a bar with your hands begin to build a foundation of everything, after its completion, you can raise the walls of the framework.Today, it produces various kinds of timber, but it can also prepare yourself by selecting a pre-quality, healthy wood without cracking.The material is dried and treated with an antiseptic, prevents rotting and fungus development.Timber is harvested or purchased in the amount calculated for the project.

Today, high-tech building material - timber produced on modern machines.Houses are built of timber of natural humidity chetyrёhkantnogo (the material is not subjected to special drying) or from an additional kiln dried lumber.Residential buildings are constructed from various types of lumber, 150 mm.

An economical alternative is the construction of houses made of sawn timber unprofiled.In the production of such material is not subjected to special drying (natural drying timber method).Therefore, after time, it cracks, and this is normal.The first half of the year these houses are subjected to severe shrinkage, it is necessary to further seal the joints and perform mezhventsovogo exterior trim.

Another popular type of building material is shaped beam.On the high-precision, modern equipment give this material very smooth surface and complex profile.Houses of this type of timber are being built fast enough.These walls do not need mandatory additional finishing.House from this material is shrink less.The walls of these houses are collected from timber in profile, characterized by a particular strength, reliability, and they retain heat well.Interior work on the technology, they can be done in half a year (full shrinkage occurs).

Glued laminated timber - a modern high-quality building material.It is made of high-tech equipment, and it is given a particular strength in the production process.

roof can be built any shape, according to the project and close the vending material.Paul recommended carpet in two layers, paving the insulation material.You can install and wooden and plastic windows.Trim wooden buildings both inside and out can be any material.