Creative thinking as the unique ability of the brain

Creative thinking - is, in fact, the psychology of the creator.It is believed that for creative thinking meets the right hemisphere of the brain, which is why left-handers often have a more pronounced creative abilities, than right-handers.

With this type of thinking in the society, there are new ideas, wealth, and all that carries the unusual and unconventional.The result of creative work of one author very few people can be repeated, and that this work is different from manufacturing, which has set the standards and framework for action for the creation of a product.

It makes work a very valuable event in our lives is just to see the difference between handmade furniture and standard factory, between the picture painted by the painter and printed by machine, text, man-made and artificial intelligence - once it becomes clear,why it is so appreciated in any area of ​​human activity.

Psychology of creative thinking

In psychology, there is a section that is devoted to the study of creative thinking and the products that are created with it.But the professionals who work in this direction, there is the issue of criteria: it is, in fact, anything created in the world is unique.Thus, the area of ​​study of the issue becomes so vague form that come to specific research findings practically impossible: there are no identical movements, events, even the same words are pronounced differently each time.However, scientists still bother to find some common points that are key in the process of creating unique:

  1. So first there is a reason to ensure that the work to implement.This is referred to as the preparation stage some sources, but between them is a lot of processes that the human brain need to work to begin to do: first, a person understands what he needs, and then prepared for this.Here is the formation of goals and looming problem to be solved in order to achieve it.
  2. incubation steps.Then the person is distracted by specifically given direction, paying attention to areas that may be related to the subject of creation.
  3. Stage illumination.At this point, Archimedes shouted "Eureka!", And Newton's apple fell.Something is prompt, and then the human brain brings optimal solution to the problem, over which were having second thoughts.This moment is the culmination of the creative process.
  4. last stage - check.After the fall of an apple, Newton returned to their records and conducting experiments that confirm the discovery.Painter at this point looks at a complete picture, correlating color technique evaluates and checks how well the transferred idea.After this creation is ready, and society begins to use established.

For a full understanding of creativity, it is important to understand that it is a way of liberation.

Creative thinking: characteristic

This type of thinking has certain features that allow you to see and to invent a new and non-standard.

  1. Care and "lateral thinking". Creative thinking requires to ensure that people have seen non-standard basis of phenomena, events, objects.Most often, it is the details can "remind" the person that any object can be used differently.And if this subject see the holistic, it is unlikely that an observer will attend the thought of any new method of its application, because it is so there.The simplest example: mug.If it is perceived holistically, we know that because of her drinking liquid.But if you pay attention to its shape, material, and, for example, leave on the desktop, then sooner or later will be the idea that it is convenient to put pencils and pens.So will the "new" invention - stand for pens.
  2. good memory. Creative thinking can not be a man with a short memory, because creativity - a lengthy process that requires maturity and knowledge of external facts.The Creator must be concentrated on a few events at the same time: the subject of creation and events, details of which will make it perfect.Accidentally seen by one thing comes to mind and is the key to the solution.
  3. flexibility and associative thinking. Creative thinking is often accompanied by a waiver of the usual hypotheses.If you do not show mental flexibility and listen to outdated theories, it will never lead to the discovery.Associative thinking helps creative original "bind" and classify objects and phenomena, which in turn leads to the unique ideas, one of which may turn out to be brilliant.

Thus, creative thinking does have some common characteristics, and requires certain human instincts, which are developing, it can become the proud owner of fresh ideas and unique items.