6 tips on how to properly complete a work day at the office

new day begins in the evening of the previous day.This axiom really helps to save time.How much time you lose in the morning, trying to remember where and what is and what you do?It took the whole night, some things yesterday and plans are forgotten, it takes time to think about them.If this issue is relevant for you, try the following

1. goes home tidy on the desktop, and laid the papers in order.This will help the next morning to find quickly any piece of paper at the usual place.Will not have to spend valuable time looking for relevant documents under a pile of papers that have long been asking the archive and no longer need to work

2. Wash cup from which you drink tea or coffee at work, type in a kettle of water,tomorrow right from the morning everything was ready for a pleasant tea drinking, and the morning began with no washing of dirty dishes, but with something more pleasant.

3. disposable paper or delay immediately throw away in the closet, as they litter the table and complicate the search for relevant documents.Due to the excess "waste" of papers on the table often have to remember you did this or that, or not?It also takes a lot of time.Try to live by the principle: made - forgotten.

4. sure Teach yourself in the evening or during the day to compose and record a plan for tomorrow Affairs.You should not rely on their "exceptional" memory is likely lost in routine, you will forget to do something really urgent and important, and then have to take work home to finish it immediately, or staying after work.But it's all the same additional time-wasting, which can be avoided

5. composition and writing a plan for the next day, choose from a list of things that are most important, that is, prioritize.Start the day with exactly these cases

6. Re-read the Plan of Implementation of affairs in the evening, cross out all made the case, to assess the results of their work and accolades themselves.If in the past day have - that the case remained unfinished or did not do at all, they must make to the plan for the next day.

plan to record their working hours can be used not only to notebook, but also an organizer, a computer, so he was always at hand.

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