Scorpio - zodiac sign for the child, woman, man

Scorpio - zodiac sign is quite temperamental.It features a special resistance to all of life's troubles.Fearless, always has an opinion and is not afraid to express it.This is one of the strongest representatives of the horoscope.That is why the tattoo - Scorpio fairly common pattern.It is believed that his image will gain strength and confidence, protection from all dangers and will bring good luck.

value Scorpio

Scorpio sign - sign for the child.Mothers of small scorpions will not envy.These kids with character, and with what!A distinctive feature of the mark - emotions that sometimes goes to extremes.If your child loves someone, it wholeheartedly, and if hates it with a perfect hatred.Adults can keep their negative emotions, and this child is just not able to.He is quick-tempered, to complain of kindergartens and schools.What can we say, parents sometimes even gets them.If that does not like - can bite, pinch-hit.You can not ignore it, but also to engage in physical abuse can not answer otherwise it will grow into cruelty.

Character manifested at an early age.If the child does not want scorpion eat certain foods that would not do the parents, his opinion will not change.But, on the other hand, is persistence and determination are so bad traits?

Boys-scorpions are quite active, sometimes even aggressive, like romps, shout, scream, energy brims over.And the girls are different special features and emotionally, they play in the boys' games, climbing trees, without fear engage the boys.Nerves parents of children skorpinov should just be iron.

Scorpio - zodiac sign for the woman.About these often say - bitch.She is self-confident and knows her worth.He likes to be the center of attention and is constantly attracting admiring glances.A natural leader, a female scorpion is constantly trying to dominate and it's pretty good at it.She despise spineless people and do not miss these in their environment.The character is quite changeable.Now it can truly smile, looking into his eyes, talking in a low voice and friendly, and can flare up in a moment because of the little things to destroy the morale of the interlocutor, taunting him and criticizing.When it is doing this unconsciously, just such a human character.

Scorpio woman can not tolerate weak men.Her partner - purposeful leader who can lead the other, but at the same time, do not forget that it always has their own point of view, absolutely everything, and it just can not be ignored.In regards to her there is no middle ground.She either loves or hates.The manifestation of affection for her is not peculiar.But the mistress female scorpion is excellent, the house is always cozy and comfortable.

Scorpio - zodiac sign for the man.Externally, it is a calm balanced person, but in his heart raging real passion.But if it is brought to the boiling point, the man did it not be good.Scorpio in anger might just be dangerous.In many situations, it is led by the emotions and intellect muzhtsina scorpion is not deprived.He is very determined and never swerve from the intended path.Always committed to the financial well-being and to the life of luxury.He does not care what people think about him around, friends, relatives, colleagues.His opinion is undeniable.

has a certain ideal of the woman he is looking for a family life.She should be ready for an explosive character to the rapid changes of the calm to anger.Quite often the male scorpions can be called tyrants in the family, first and foremost for their own sense of importance, and the feelings of others they just do not care.