How to put baby to the breast?

Breastfeeding - the process of feeding a child from the first days of his life with the help of mother's milk.It is believed that children who have been nurtured in a natural way, have a good immunity, grow more healthy and strong.It is important to establish a process of feeding immediately after birth.Most women are aware of this, however, face a number of problems.How to put baby to the breast?

First, you need to remember that you need to put your baby on his first request.If a newborn previously fed on a schedule, today pediatricians insist that it is necessary to do it on demand, whenever it took place.For example, if a child is not happy with something, but the breast can calm him down, it means that you need to feed him.Most mothers worry that a child eats too much milk.In fact, breast milk can not overfeed, so the child has to suck as much as he wants.In addition, the larger and more correct to put the baby to the breast, the more milk will be produced.

one feeding should last only as long as the baby is eating.If your child is not hungry, he releases the breast.It is known that sucking triggers the braking process in the nervous system, so often a child may request his chest to calm down or to sleep.After the meal, the child is usually satisfied both physically and psychologically.

How to put baby to the breast, that there are no problems either my mother or the baby?Notice how the baby grasps the nipple mouth.We must not forget that the process of breastfeeding should be comfortable for both parties.Child must be taken so that it has been deployed all over to my mother.Many women make the mistake of turning to the chest when only the head.In general, experts highlighted a large number of positions, which are suitable for good attachment.

In the case of the right nipple capture baby's mouth should be wide open and the chin should be pressed against the chest.The lower lip should be turned outwards.In addition, please note that should be captured not only the nipple, and most of the areola.Proper grabbing stimulates the nerve endings of the breast correctly and improves the efficiency of sucking.If a child sucks wrong, mom likely will experience pain, which may indicate cracks or other problems.

How to put baby to the breast at night?Night feeding are essential.It is proved that the milk produced is most active at night, and so sore nipples at this time of day can take place.

to think about how to put the baby to the breast, mom should already at the hospital, because the first attachment is carried out immediately in the delivery room.In the early days of colostrum the baby should be enough, and if you can not finish feeding and dopaivat child, it is better not to do.The more often give the breast, the faster will be the milk.When the milk appears, the woman should remember all the tips on how to put the baby to the breast to avoid stagnation of milk, and the process of breastfeeding only gave positive results.