Arrive at the airport of Thessaloniki: the scheme, the convenience, the road to the city

in Thessaloniki (Greece) Airport is the second busiest in the country.He is second only to the Athenian hub.Annually, the airport in Thessaloniki, serving up to four million passengers.However, the air gateway of Northern Greece are not impressive scale.Everything here is comfortable, at home.The small size of the single terminal makes it easy to find the reception.But the airport is constantly under construction, improved, expanded.The last large-scale reconstruction took place in 2006.It is known that Greece - a country summer vacation.Therefore, at the time of holidays the airport is overloaded because of the many charter flights.In this article you will know what to expect upon arrival at the hub of Macedonia, how to get out of it in Thessaloniki and how to spend it while waiting for your flight.

short story

In 1930, the site was open airfield.It was a simple airfield without any infrastructure and even buildings.During World War II it was used for military aviation.In 1965, the runways have been reconstructed in a way that could land civilian airliners.It was built in the terminal.The hub was renamed Thessalonica Thessaloniki Airport Micra (named after the village near which it is located).This name it retained until 1993.Now it is known as a hub airport of Macedonia (Thessaloniki is the capital of the Greek province).Now under construction, and a new second terminal, leaving the sea runway.After the reconstruction of the hub will be able to take up to nine million travelers a year.

Where is the airport

Thessaloniki - largest city.It is the second largest sea port in Greece.However, despite the large size, the airport, the city only one.It is situated thirteen kilometers to the south-east of the center, in a distant suburb of Calamari.Many of our fellow citizens regard the Thessaloniki airport as a transit point.Hence it is convenient to fly to the Greek islands - Crete, Corfu, Rhodes.From Moscow to Thessaloniki are regular flights from Vnukovo and Domodedovo.Kiev Borispol Airport connects the Northern Greece with the carrier "Aerosvit".In the summer months of large Russian and European cities fly to Thessaloniki charter flights.The duration of the flight from Moscow to this Greek city - for three hours and 20 minutes.

How to get to the city and to the airport

Cheaper overcome fifteen kilometers separating the city and the hub will be by bus.Route number 78 runs around the clock, no matter what your taxi drivers.The bus stop is located directly at the exit of the airport.From five in the morning until ten at night shuttle bus number 78, and from 23.30 on the route out night flight № 78N.The interval between the cars - half an hour.Cost of the ticket is purchased at the driver, 0.45 Euro.The path to the final stop - the new railway station - takes about forty-five minutes.A taxi ride will be shorter, more convenient, but also more expensive.The cost varies depending on the distance.The average count of ten Euros.However, in the opposite direction (from the airport of Thessaloniki) trip can be twice as expensive.

Rules for passengers and baggage

In principle, they are not much different from the standards adopted in other hubs.Check-in passengers traveling within the country, begins in two hours.Those who flies out of Greece, may be appropriate to the posts for 2.5 hours.Registration for all passengers for the forty minutes before departure.If you have a "paper" ticket, you need to show him his passport.In case you bought a seat via the Internet, a single document would be sufficient.But Thessaloniki airport has its own, somewhat strange rules.Travellers will be surprised, but the registration staff only weigh your luggage.Then the passengers with their suitcases have to go to the bar № 21. After another turn you will draw up the luggage and you can go to the passport control and the gate.

scheme Thessaloniki airport

Despite the periodic congestion of hub, everything here works like a clock.If you arrive in Thessaloniki, and want to go to the islands and other Greek cities by air, offers offices of Olympic, Aegean, Austrian Airlines and other carriers (including low cost and German TUIfly).The building of the passenger terminal there are several points of packing luggage.Thessaloniki Airport offers comfortable lounges, including vip-clients and mothers with children.Grab a snack in the coffee shops, which are located in the departure hall and arrival.After passing through passport control, passengers can look into the two duty-free shops.The entire airport infrastructure adapted to the needs of people with disabilities.Hour luggage storage.There are several branch banks, currency exchange.If you have any questions, you can get a comprehensive answer to the information desk.