How to influence people effectively?

impact on people is a huge responsibility, but because not everyone should strive to be very significant.In principle, want to influence many, it flatters vanity.But the really great people - those who are aware that influential position - it is only a tool for achieving the objectives of the efforts of several, and sometimes many people.

There are two main circuits of influence, and each of us are more inclined to only one of them.In the first case, a person prefers to logically convince and prove, and the second - trying to use personal relationships to achieve the objectives, including its credibility in the eyes of the people.Both types of influence in principle of equal value, as long as people know how to use at least one method.The knowledge about how to influence people, it is useful not only to solve everyday problems, and to identify methods by which advertising makes us buy more than we need.It's also the effect?Sure!

words mean a lot, using a selection of "right" words, you can enter a

person almost into a trance and make him very much.Words such as "joy", "happiness", "wealth" We immediately set up to something unqualified.So think, what words for you personally very pleasant, most likely, they are pleasant also for the people to whom you want to influence.How to influence people with words?You need to "dilute" the speech "hypnotic words" when you draw the image of the target person to whom you want to influence.

can also influence the subconscious mind through repetition of gestures and body position, on which you want to affect.An interesting effect is obtained if you can synchronize your breathing.Gestures should not repeat the same immediately, but after about 4 seconds after the object of their influence will demonstrate.

works very well welcome the creation of inaccessibility.If not easy to get your attention, it is particularly valuable.These are the girls who want to attract a particular guy.The same effect of exclusivity can be used in other ways.The main thing - to a man liked to talk to you during the first meeting, but the second he will have to get much more difficult.Of course, to use this method, you need to work on psycho-communication.To be really interesting and brilliant conversationalist.

possible to influence a person against his will?He asks whether the child's mother before you pull it from the wall outlet?If you see a serious danger to man, in a moral sense, you're right.However, if you have selfish interests, it is impossible to justify such an impact.So many journalists do not become intelligent advertising specialists, copywriters - just do not want to cheat.So the moral issue will eventually have to deal with you and only you.

How to influence conscientious human?Services rendered to him, a major service.Then the man will have to repay your normal self.And it is out of a desire to do you will be pleased to submit to influence.This way of acting is not at all, but only to decent people.

How to influence people so that they have not started to avoid you?This often happens with inexperienced "commanders."We need to create "a platform of trust."That is, attach conditions to look (and be!) Competent in the area where you want to affect.If you are recently divorced from her husband, your friend advice about family happiness are not very convincing.

You can even take into account the fatigue factor.If you want to achieve anything from his superior, better refer to it in the evening when he is tired after work.It may not be the evening, just the best person "to take lukewarm" after severe stress.

How to influence people and remain with them in good terms?It should constantly and sincerely care about their interests and influence unobtrusively.