Several interesting wedding traditions

traditions of our weddings are all familiar with: the loss and the search for a bride - as in ancient times, the blessing of the icon of the young - as in Christianity.And gifting gifts and money, the bride throw the bouquet over her shoulder, sprinkling of young rice - as in America.And purely nashenskie - a mass brawl and broken picket.Where do without it?

But not only we have a interesting wedding traditions.

turns, Spain young kissing a reason: they are hung by the feet, and so they should be kissed.This tradition is intended to show that the new couple will be together no matter what and is able to kiss in all conditions.

Albania newlyweds on their wedding night should not do without sex."Night of abstinence" - is a normal.Bride to be as much as three days to resist her husband to show modesty and at the same time to scare away evil spirits.

wedding day Iran appoint an astrologer to the stars contributed to family happiness.Friends and relatives of the groom go for the bride when it gets dark.Everything happens with music: the official matchmaking and signing of the marriage contract, which is awarded to the father of the bride.A bridegroom meanwhile pluck the hair on the back.The same is done with the bride: the Persians believe, though there is growing hair death, and there is nothing to take it with family life.When the bride leads to the house of the groom, sacrificed sheep - from the evil eye.Bride holding a shawl with a straightforward fare is included in your future home.

begins celebration, where visitors are entertained by specially invited dancers.Everybody dance, and while dancing the young try to step on each other's feet.It is believed that the one who succeeds, will be mainly in the family (we find out it's the same with the help of biting slice of bread).Then it is not the bride and groom, and the husband and wife wash one another's feet, and his wife took the veil off.Trembling, the couple look at each other.He thinks he does not freak you slipped and she: Is it like me?

interesting customs Kenya .There in the first month after the wedding, the groom should wear women's clothes, to feel how hard to be a woman.Or, for example, there are trial marriages - to the point, until the child is born, and then you can play the wedding.Something like sometimes we are.

Nigeria , if the bride before the wedding or shortly after it attains magnificent forms, the groom has the full right to send her back to her parents, to fertilize.Candidates for the hand and heart of a girl in one of the tribes of this country have to endure the ordeal.On the way to his beloved young man has to pass through a gauntlet of her relatives, armed with sticks.Everyone tries to hit a painful future son-in because it is tested for durability.You are nothing like?

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