Influence of the external appearance of the name and biography of birds of prey

Raptors.The most iconic and recognizable group of birds.Bird hunters and the birds of carrion.They all have good eyes, large claws and sharp beak.

principle hunting certain species of birds affected their name.Birds of prey of the order of vultures called scavengers for the reason that they are waiting for the moment when the victim falls own death to eat it.

hunts bird of prey with the help of the feet, without using the beak.The term "predator" is derived from the Latin word Ā«rapereĀ», meaning "the seizure of power."After killing prey talons, beak they tear it to pieces.

Day and night predators

On Earth, birds of prey, there are about 500 species.Their sizes vary greatly.The largest predator birds of the order is considered to be a male eagle that lives in the upper reaches of the Andes, and the smallest - the pygmy falcon, living on the plains.

The concept of "bird of prey" covers a large number of birds that feed on insects and small vertebrates.Often the method of hunting animals and their name comes.Birds of prey are classified into two types:

  • daytime predators;
  • nocturnal hunters.

traditional classification currently refers to the family of prey birds of prey, formally dividing them into five families.The names of birds of prey are arranged alphabetically:

  1. Accipitridae.Troop hawk.It also includes eagles and buzzards.
  2. Cathartidae.Troop vultures.Including condors.
  3. Falconidae.Troop falcon.
  4. Pandionidae.Ospreys squad.Sometimes it classified as a subfamily.
  5. Sagittariidae.Marabou squad.It also includes secretary bird.

nocturnal predators combined into one family - Owls and have two subgroups:

  1. Strigidae, or typical (normal) owls.
  2. Tytonidae, or laurel (zaliv- and saray-) owls.

This two groups of birds that are not related to each other, but having a great morphological similarity and leading the same lifestyle.It summarizes their only similarity of the vital functions of the name.Birds of prey named nurses nature for their ability to detect the weak, the sick fauna and destroy them.

Factors Affecting name raptors

Some names of birds of prey do not correspond to a particular type of ornithological.Historical names of birds were given either upon resemblance, or in connection with the general conditions of their life.

  • Eagles.Large individuals with broad wings and a long, powerful legs with feathers.They build very large nests.
  • Skopje.They live all over the world.Medium sized birds with long wings and relatively weak legs.The main type of hunting - fishing.Thanks to this feature in this group were assigned zmeelovy - this is their traditional name.Birds of prey this group build large nests.
  • Hawks.Medium sized birds that live in the forests.Hunted in the air - "hit in years," or dive for prey in the water.Are long enough tail employee driving control in flight.
  • Falcons.The most common group of medium-sized bird predators.They live everywhere.Prey on medium and small vertebrates.They have keen eyesight and excellent hearing.Rarely build their own nests.Most are held in the hollows of trees or occupy abandoned nests of other birds.They can lay eggs in the rock formations.

A variety of bird species of the world

Birds of prey - a very diverse type of feathered world.They are different in appearance, habitat, lifestyle, nature nesting.There are giants and dwarfs.

most curious feature of birds of prey is their sexual dimorphism.This phenomenon is a strong difference of size between males and females.Many birds of prey, the names and photos of which can be found in every issue of the publication of zoological, have a pronounced sexual dimorphism.Females of some species of falcons and hawks is almost two times larger than the males.Exceptions to this rule may make only scavengers - males and females of this species are practically indistinguishable.