Revenge of Los Angeles: hairstyle for the enemy

If someone has a strong desire to take revenge on his enemy in Los Angeles, you can refer to the former commandos turned-hairdresser.It allows anonymous orders monstrous hairstyles for you hated man ... about how it all happens, see below!

"Pleasure" is $ 300, and people pay.

"I do three to six haircuts per day - says Abe Zyl (alias commando-turned-hairdresser). - I'm spoiling" Order "hairstyles, so that they have no opportunity to correct them as long as the hair will notgrow back. A lot of customers are crying bitterly, when they see what I've done. Some are trying to be rude, I say the same, that's the case. "

Everything works as follows: the customer sends Abe e-mail message, in response to the sending address of a secure, password-protected Web site, where the customer places the name and address of the enemy.Next ZIL target object sends a notice telling you that the special shares he won a free haircut.If the "Order" calls and orders of all, the customer makes an online payment.

After the haircut Abe photographs of the victim and place the pictures on the website, where the customer can enjoy the horrifying results of hairdressing work.

If the "Order" for whatever reasons, still not come to get a haircut, Abe returns the money to the customer in full.

To the victims were in the dark, Zil not shear them in front of a mirror.Besides, he is always running in the Mac, so that those victims of the evil barber never see.

"These idiots do not represent or suspect that I will be doing with their hair - says Abe. - As long as I did not bring a mirror. They see it as an ugly display and start yelling. Merry my job of work!"

Zila restaurant is located in an industrial area near downtown Los Angeles.Okon is not there, inside sturdy locks on the outside camera - all this in case any of the victims will conceive trimmed nasty revenge.

"No one has ever come back - Zyl said. - If someone finds itself here without an appointment, I will kill him with my bare hands. And in extreme cases, I have a gun."

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