The use of marketing in the enterprise, service providers

Popularity marketing these days is understandable: the global crisis of overproduction and competition for the consumer's attention became ubiquitous and common to virtually all markets.Through proper use of marketing tools and advertising companies active market leaders able to maintain effective demand at an acceptable level.However, even they, multi-million dollar corporations sometimes turn out annoying bugs in the marketing and sales policy, reducing their competitiveness in relation to other market participants.What to speak of the middle and small business that does not have any extra money, nor the desire to apply to consulting firms and agencies for expensive services to develop market research, calculation of strategic financial development models and other analytical tools.Owners of small and medium-sized firms usually rely entirely on their own intuition, not trusting the advice of outside consultants, and having full confidence in its competence with respect to current market conditions.Meanwhile, any market of goods and services is so complex in its understanding of the many qualitative and quantitative parameters characterizing it that perceive it without professional statistical tools are often used by marketing agencies, is quite difficult.Part of the owners of organizations in their distrust of market research and calculations can be understood: the very discipline of marketing is based on a number of assumptions and conclusions are often refuted by many experts and practical experience.However, to completely negate the advantages of using the marketing tools in practice, and it seems inappropriate, since they often proved their efficiency and helping to develop a balanced and proper development strategy of the company in the market.

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attempt to use marketing tools to develop strategies to promote company's services, such as for example the Bureau of translation services at first glance seems inappropriate.Translation services market, in principle, can be called a rather specific, due to its narrowness and the difficulties in establishing quality criteria.Pricing in this segment is the dominant factor in demand, which is formed on the basis of price and quality, as well as on all other markets for goods and services.However, if the definition of the price of the translation services market problems usually do not occur, then the quality is somewhat different - it is on the translation market, as they say, is a relative concept.In fact, it appears that transfers, about the same cost may differ significantly on the linguistic structure, style and the presence of spelling and punctuation errors.Since the standard translation of phrases and sentences from Russian into a foreign language does not exist, both translation quality can be considered, and can be compared only on the basis of expert estimations.Of course, in the translation market each city normally runs some of the most reputable offices and the quality of translations can cause less doubt, therefore a key element in pricing and marketing strategy for the whole translation market can be considered is the reputation.For its conquest of a small translation agency will also help marketing tools.First, you must set the prices offered translation services according to the chosen strategy of promotion.Thus, it is possible to adjust the cost of translation to decrease compared to the competitors, use the strategy to market with minimal costs.Another way to express yourself is, on the contrary, the development of premium offers and marketing the highest quality translation services at a higher price.If the first method is more profitable in the short term, the second can be financially successful in the long term if the bureau will be able to confirm the claimed quality of translations by qualified execution of tasks.Whatever the marketing strategy would not choose an organization working in the service sector, it is important that it was designed not only based on empirical studies of marketing consultants, but also on the basis of practical experience of the staff who will continue to implement this strategy into practice.