Sharm El Sheikh - the second in Egypt

Airport Sharm El Sheikh is the second on the territory of the pearl of the Red Sea - Egypt.It is built with all the requirements of modern life.Today, there are three terminals, the first of which was launched in 2007 to serve international flights, while the second - for domestic flights.The third placed upon the railway.


Sharm El-Sheikh International was opened in May 1968.Initially, it was used as the base of the Israeli Air Force.Then he called the name of the Israeli settlements on the territory of the resort - Ophir.After the Camp David agreement as an airport, and the whole property of the Jewish settlement became the property of the State Egypt.

These air gates are located on the south of the Sinai peninsula.Takeoffs and landings take place on one of the two available three-kilometer strips.


Sharm El-Sheikh, serving in the year to ten million people, offers passengers services to several bars and cafes, restaurants and fast food, which can be quite inexpensive to satisfy your hunger.At this point, power arranged in general building and in the customs area.In restaurants, the airport offers a menu with local and European dishes.

in the passenger terminal there is a large number of souvenir and jewelry and perfume shops, there newsstands.The customs relegation zone with shops Duty Free, where you can buy local goods cheaper - products, tobacco, alcohol and gifts.

terminals installed in phone booths, on which you can make international calls, it is also possible to connect to the free Wi-Fi.All signs with pointers, which are at the airport, made in Arabic and English, as well as in Russian.

Available services

Airport Sharm El Sheikh offers a variety of services to passengers enough.On its territory barber, has a recreation room, information, and currency exchange.In the office, the car rental, you can rent a car, making a small deposit.

In cases of flight delays passengers do not have to worry: Sharm El Sheikh, which has a circuit right at the entrance in a prominent place, has a hotel where you can stay at the right time.

Some employees understand Russian, so the Russians can always get in the native language of the desired information.For more details about the flights, passengers can contact the help desk or the airport just look at the online scoreboard, which instantly displays any change in flight.


Those who arrived in Sharm El-Sheikh, the city go through the arrivals hall.At the same time, passengers must undergo border and customs control.It is possible to design an entry visa directly at the counter in the arrival hall.

Register for departing flights is held in the halls of departure.It begins three hours before scheduled departure.After registration, passengers should take special control.Since June of this year in the Egyptian airport with tourists began to levy a new type of tax in the amount of seven dollars.

Area Airport Airport Sharm El Sheikh is located eighteen kilometers to the northeast of the city of the same name.It serves the largest Egyptian resort area, which includes about a hundred hotels built along the coast.


routes that operate from the airport of Sharm El Sheikh - a wide variety of regular domestic and international flights, for example, in the Egyptian capital Cairo, as well as in some cities in the Middle East and Europe.However, the bulk of the operations account for seasonal charter flights from Scandinavian countries, as well as Russia and the former CIS countries.Sharm El Sheikh regularly improves infrastructure, passenger traffic since it is constantly increasing.


in the relegation zone for passengers provided premium service packing luggage.At the airport luggage storage, in which it is possible for some time to leave their suitcases.In addition, in the arrivals area is a room in which to store unclaimed baggage.To her employees should be treated in the event of loss of luggage immediately after landing in Sharm El Sheikh.


Sharm El-Sheikh, a photo which shows its high class, built in accordance with all the rules and requirements of such a category of buildings.It has multiple loading platforms for wheelchairs.They allow passengers with disabilities to move easily throughout the building.For services, "special service" in departure or arrival at the airport are kindly requested to notify the airlines which flight.

services for business-class passengers

International Airport Sharm El Sheikh does not have rooms designed for meetings or negotiations.However, in the territory of the first terminal is equipped with a business center.It can be accessed directly from the waiting room, standing on an escalator.Here, passengers traveling on the most expensive class, available faxes and computers.


next to the first terminal located taxi rank, working around the clock.In order not to be deceived, it is advisable to negotiate the fare before the trip.

There, next to the first passenger terminal, parking is minibuses that depart from this international airport is only completely filled.