Dots polish - the irreplaceable assistant

Today, many girls prefer manicure at home.It is not so expensive and takes less time.In addition, the master may not always correctly understand your wishes at the expense of manicure, and as a result you get is not what you wanted.But if you own "wield" brush, then such a nuisance does not threaten you.You can experiment with patterns and colors.In order to make your nails beautiful home, you also need some instruments that are used in salons.For example, a brush for painting of different thicknesses, different stiffness and nail files, of course, DOTS polish.The article you can find several options manicure using DOTS and to learn the price of this device.

Dots Nail: Manicure

There are many beautiful options nail art, that use this thing.The first of them - the easiest.You will need a nail-base paint pale colors (pink, blue, gray, yellow), a few bright lacquers, which combine well with each other, and a fixer for nail polish.Cover the nail base.Then apply one or two coats of the base color.Take DOTS polish and type of varnish on the tip of a little different color.Put a few small points on the nail.Also make and the other paints.Cover fixative.Doing so manicure is very simple, but it looks very impressive.

Now consider another option."Flower manicure" looks gentle and sweet.You will need a nail-base paint delicate pink or blue, two shades of green nail polish, two shades of red nail polish, a fixer.Apply foundation for manicures and basic color (pink or blue).Take DOTS with red nail polish and make a point in the middle, another shade of red around her do a few more little dots.With green paints the same DOTS made a point of flower petals.Cover fixative.

manicure third option is also not difficult.Need foundation, nail polish of any color, black and white lacquers fixer.Apply foundation.After one layer of nail nakraste first color (basic).DOTS with black lacquer make a few more points on the wafer (1-1.5 mm).DOTS leukomas color to make a point at the center of black.The first point should be twice the latter.Wait until all the well is dry.Cover varnish-fixer.

Dots Nail: price

There are different types of such devices, respectively, and prices are different.More precisely it is impossible to say how much DOTS polish in different cities of Russia.There are those, which are made entirely of metal, and they are a bit expensive, but there are plastic (or rather with a plastic handle) and the price is lower.There are bilateral DOTS different sizes.In the store you can buy DOTS twenty rubles.However, it can have a very disappointing, so it's better to spend to buy a little more money, but to buy a better quality product.It is not necessary to spend a fortune on professional or decorated any stones and other trinkets DOTS.The product is worth more than two hundred rubles - money wasted.