Onyx: medicinal and magical properties

Onyx - a kind of agate, a semi-precious stone.In nature, it meets several of his species.In most cases we can find a stone of green from light to dark marsh-green hues.And few know that is onyx black, white and red.Recognize this stone is easy on the strip, it is possible for them to determine the species.If alternate black and white stripes, then before you chalcedony, onyx, white and red - carnelian, and white and brown - onyx.The thinner the strip, the more valued stone.

Its name comes from the Greek word "swollen" ("nail").The most expensive items now mined in the United States, Brazil, Uruguay, India and the Arabian Peninsula.

Earlier this laid stone walls of places of worship.The fact that it was used in the construction of the temple in Jerusalem, is mentioned in the Bible.In addition, this mineral is decorated with the famous Muslim Kaaba shrine.

In ancient times to the onyx attitude was ambiguous.In the East, it was considered unlucky.The Chinese are so believed in what he brings trouble, even afraid to approach to the place where it is produced.Arabs dubbed it "sad" in Yemen tried to get rid of it, it thought like a stone reminiscent of the orbit of the dead woman.

But the ancient Romans believed that onyx has magical properties and is the most powerful of amulets.It was used in the ceremonies and rituals, for the manufacture of amulets.According to legends, it protects a person from the sudden death of slander and libel.In addition, the patient ispivshy infused with onyx drug, certainly recovered.However, onyx talisman properties are manifested only in the hands of good people, they are not evil to spread.

French mineral called "stone of light and truth" in this country believed that it is given only to find a man with an open heart.However, in his magical powers believed all nations.

Medicinal properties

believed if mineral heals body and soul, he "pulls" the whole negative.Recommend to wear in the solar plexus onyx.Stone property has improved the liver, intestines, stomach and kidneys.In addition, it strengthens bones, helps people cope with meteodependent malaise on cloudy days.

Charms from it are advised to wear to those who are prone to melancholy and depression.Onyx removes even strong stress, tidies nerves and cure insomnia.It is said that the stone helps in cases when a person is at the last line, can save someone who tends to commit suicide.

also credited with the properties to increase potency, but only in cases when its decline caused by psychological problems.What else can help Onyx?Properties water infused with this mineral, allow to lose weight.Infusion should be used internally, it reduces appetite and eliminates cravings for fatty and sweet.

magical properties

India produced charms of this stone, they bring their owners good fortune and luck.The product with onyx able to give happiness and to bring love, get rid of shyness and make strong.

Onyx brings peace and prosperity to the family, he presented the newlyweds on their wedding day.Well, if such a talisman become heirloom and passed from hand to hand - from the senior Bush.

Stone recommended purchase for people who have the makings of a leader, he will give them confidence, discipline, will help to achieve stability.It gives its owner the courage, optimism, ability to never give up.

But the thing that Onyx is a powerful talisman to protect against witchcraft, sorcery and omens.They say that the one who carries it in a ring, not facing early death.It will protect the owner and of the attempt on the life and accident insurance.However, the properties of onyx their shows are not for everyone, but for those who are pure of heart.In general, they say that it resembles a dog - first to "watch" to the owner, and then can take it and fall in love.

This mineral is primarily suited born under the signs of Capricorn, Virgo and Aries, it helps them to accumulate positive energy.Not advised to wear a stone twins, bad luck he will not bring, but also to protect not.Generally, onyx loves people elegant age, those who have already achieved something in life and wants to find peace.He also considered the protector of the elderly and lonely.