The program for reading PDF-files: tips on choosing and review of the best

Today, we'll tell you in detail what can be a program to read PDF.Here are examples of the most interesting applications that work with this extension, and will describe what Portable Document developed.


PDF - a format of electronic documents (usually text) format created by Adobe Systems.The solution is designed to represent the materials, regardless of operating system, hardware and software.

With PDF files are usually distributed drawings, technical documentation, brochures, manuals, forms, magazines, books.Each document of this type can contain multimedia inserts, forms, raster and vector images, fonts, and text.It also supports layers, transparency, hyperlinks, digital signatures, encryption and data protection with a password.Next, we will discuss applications that are designed to work with this format.

Easy start

Foxit Reader - a simple program for reading PDF, which differs publicly available, compact size, quick response to user actions and convenience.The application enables you to view files in a single window mnogovkladochnom.It is also possible to create your own bookmarks.Supports zoom, search pages, and Russian.There is a function and full-screen display Auto Advance.There is an opportunity to make notes and highlight text.Conveniently implemented Print function.

Personal settings

STDU Viewer - a program to read documents PDF, which is distributed free of charge.There is a contrast and brightness settings, as well as a zoom function and turning the pages.The user is given a special opportunity to choose a convenient way to position the sheet.It is an undoubted advantage.

you can send the required documents to the printer, producing a deep print setting.With STDU Viewer is easy to create bookmarks directly into an open file or a few.The original version of the material does not change, the additional elements are stored in a special format settings.You can easily move the selected bookmark on a third-party personal computer, use the import and export to XML.

program supports two types of search: quick and advanced.The first function is available on the toolbar and allows you to find the necessary word on every page of the document.The second option allows you to find all occurrences of the phrase you are interested in the material.The result will be presented as a list of items.Clicking on one takes you to the relevant page.


Esili wonder about what kind of program for reading PDF is a viable alternative to Adobe Reader, you can recall the application Sumatra.It is a compact and fast tool with a simple user interface.She consumes very little system resources.There are no extra buttons or obscure, but there is a transition between pages, fitting viewing, printing and zooming.There is a document editing PDF PDF and send them by e-mail.It supports embedded in the hyperlink.Ensure full compatibility with different versions of Windows.

During initial installation, the application will offer himself as a PDF-default browser, and also recommend to install an additional plug-in for various Internet browsers.In addition to the normal version is also available as a single portable executable file with the extension .EXE, which does not write anything to the registry.

¬ęPortable Edition" drive runs with USB, which is convenient if necessary, change the computer.Available dialogue between users and developers of the program.Sumatra is an application of open source, and anyone who has found malfunction and to take part in the improvement can be part of the team of authors.Sumatra has learned very well to smooth black-and-white image when scaled.The most important advantage of this solution - stability of operation and speed.The program has 42 languages.


Adobe Reader - a cross-platform program for reading PDF ("Android", Windows and many other operating systems).It also supports printing materials.The program copes with downloading pages and copying text.Adobe Reader is able to work as a plug-in to various observers, opening documents directly in the browser.The program has the ability to view videos in Flash, which is embedded in the PDF-document.


Acrobat - is the best software for reading PDF least because it, like the above-described Reader, created by Adobe Systems, which is the developer of the format.You can insert into the document audio and video files, as well as animation.

There are two versions of this tool.Standard has the basic functions.Pro - a professional set of supporting the introduction of interactive forms.This version of the product has a rich set of features: feedback, the ability to edit and create files PDF.

Data security can be achieved by setting a password, as well as restrictions on copying and printing documents.Supports teamwork materials.With the application, you can not just of interest to view the format and instantly convert it into information that comes with the scanner.Also, there is an option to export files in Word or Excel, save it without changes and additional formatting.All remain in place: paragraphs, font attributes, text, columns, tables, and figures.Available and partial conversion.


Adobe InDesign - software for reading PDF, which is also a versatile tool for publishing content that provides typographic and design control.You can develop documents and print them instantly using the desktop and professional printers.Also available to create complex page layouts


QuickOffice - a lightweight software for reading PDF and other formats for iPad, iPhone and OS Android.Exterior applications recalls MSOffice.Supports redo their cancellation.All documents are saved by default to the cloud storage, it does not require additional steps.There is a Remote printing and online help.The app is free in its basic version, but there are paid opportunities.


If you need a program for reading of PDF, use LibreOffice, which provides a comfortable working with this extension.This is a software that also allows you to handle presentations, databases, spreadsheets, graphics and text.This package is free and is available to users in multiple languages.There is export to PDF.


Mobipocket Reader - a program for reading PDF and other formats e-books.There are versions for platforms iLiad, Cybook, Palm Os, Symbian, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and PC.Available sample search throughout and even contents.You can create bookmarks, and then open them with one touch.

Most often Mobipocket Reader is used on mobile devices.Therefore, you can share files directly interested in the format of the application.With simple and intuitive controls, as well as due to the large number of various parameters you are setting up a program for the most comfortable individual use.The available modes are: "Adding notes", "Highlight", "search", "Copy".Conveniently, the user initially visible information on the number of pages in the document, as well as additional information about it.

Other applications

We have considered not all tools that support the format of interest to us.Let's start with the fact that a special program for reading PDF is not always necessary, as this authorization recognize many browsers.Among them are Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera and Internet Explorer.

ShareCAD - a program for reading PDF-files and other documents, which operates online.The tool is free, runs on all platforms through the browser Windows Phone, iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, Windows.The volume of the file can not exceed 50 MB.Use development is possible on any device connected to the internet - on a laptop computer, tablet or mobile phone.You get the ability to synchronize projects online with other people together to work on them and discuss them.

There is a special personal account where you can view previously downloaded data.For documents generated time reference in order to show them to the user.The interface is clear and simple.Select a file to view, and at your disposal there will be tools for switching on and off layers, change the background between black and white, change the scale.Change the interface language is done by pressing the "Advanced".

Thanks to the "Share" can send a link to the selected file to your colleague.Print runs the eponymous button, if desired, it can be partial.There are also several additional functions that can be accessed off after registering.

OfficeSuite - a convenient app for iOS and Android, which allows users to view PDF and other documents directly on your mobile device.The solution is ideal for situations where an urgent need to review the material, and not near a computer.Available editing documents.You can change the layout, font and style of text.Present in the program file browser provide access to materials that are on mobile devices.You can also view files that are embedded in the received emails.There is support for various cloud services.

program is available on devices with a platform iOS and Android.If you use a store Google, there is this tool is free.Apple Store, in turn, sells it at the lowest price.WordPerfect Office from Corel also supports the format we need.This is an office suite with a unique interface.Available large-scale processing of files PDF.

If you need a program for reading PDF-files, but for some reason does not match any of these solutions, then you can experience one of the following tools, which are also perfectly cope with this type of document: WordPerfect, Kingsoft Office, Brava!Reader, Expert.