As with the birth of the baby to make ends meet?

It's no secret that young family after the birth of the baby have to reconsider their spending and save something to the family budget sustained increased demand.After all, so many things to buy for the baby!How to correctly approach the need to spend?We tell you the example of families who have recently become parents.

at the birth of a daughter or son to moms and dads question about choosing a stroller .Not necessarily chase the Italian fashion novelties, the store is better to stay at an inexpensive option.And you can buy a stroller with a hand how come some families.In just a few thousand, you can find a comfortable pram convertible in perfect condition, which is used only a few times.Now newspapers and specialized sites on the Internet ads Sea offers children's clothes.In the same way, and you can buy a crib and changing table.

way, you can do without the last - changing table perfectly replace ordinary table-book.To avoid falling child table is put against the wall in the corner of the room, and push to the other side of the cot.When the table is not needed, it stack up - it is a very space-saving small room.

To avoid unnecessary expenses, we know that before you became parents, you can find out that they are not buying from handy.For example, the heater to power, riding, night light or stand for bathing.

Do not rush to buy a bunch of things children .Typically, babies quickly grow out of all, so some sliders and vests dress up a couple of times and sometimes does not remain fit.Do not give up if relatives or friends whose children have grown up, you offer children's clothing.Will only buy clothes for elegant exit "out" - to the hospital or to visit.

Another way to save - buy baby stuff for growth in the seasonal sales in the large children's stores at a substantial discount.Of course, there is a risk not to guess the size, but the price during sales are very attractive.

Some families significant cost associated with the birth of a child, - diapers .How to reduce this waste?Sew your own diapers from a suitable fabric purchase - comes much cheaper ready-made from a store.You can also save on diapers if your baby only wear them for a walk, or a visit to the hospital.A child so quickly accustomed to the pot.

others consider very important quenching baby .The less it will hurt the less trips to the pharmacy for drugs.But if the disease caught by surprise, it is better not to save on treatment and doctors and try to nip it in the beginning.

Equally important baby food .To not have to buy expensive infant formula, try to establish breastfeeding.According to the stories of many moms who do not breastfeed their babies, nearly half of their family budget is spent on the cherished box with hypoallergenic mixes, as well as pacifiers, bottles and sterilizers.

Save on complementary feeding help your garden.But even if we grow vegetables, berries and fruit there is no way, Mom can cook myself mashed pumpkin or carrots, apples or pears, store-bought.Independently, you can cook mashed purchased meat choice, the quality and the origin of which you are unsure.Fillet of rabbit, chicken, veal should be several times mince, prepared from minced meat to make small meatballs and freeze them.Then one cooking vegetables and grind blender.

greatly simplifies life mums Children soluble porridge - filled with warm water, and you can give your child.If cooking porridge itself, too, can significantly save.Of course, this long occupation, and time for cooking have to literally cut out.Here rescue grinder: in your spare time, you can chop it with a variety of cereal stock for a few days.Depending on the child's age and skills of chewing, the amount of grinding can be varied.Already shredded cereal is easy to mix and cook porridge multizlakovye.And some moms with special starters prepared and yogurt, and cottage cheese.Also obtained significant savings.And as the product will not doubt.

And what large shopping ?It happens that the relatives and friends, when you do not know what to give the child, the holidays give some money.It is best to try not to spend them immediately for daily needs, and set aside.Because of this after some time recruited a pretty decent amount for which you can buy and a good children's bicycle and stroller, and expensive winter clothing and shoes.Do not be shy, you can immediately order the coveted gifts.Try to make a list of needed items and give families before the holiday.Surely they will be thankful for the fact that they do not have to think when choosing a present.

Order can and toys .But it is not necessary to fill up their baby from head to toe.Psychologists have shown that the abundance of toys is not of great interest to the child (as he gets used to them quickly), and generates a "consumer" attitude to life.It is best to clean and get some others already forgotten.And some of the most favorite toy in a child becomes a doll, soft teddy bear sewn mother, or wooden sword fashioned dad.

Besides these simple principles of economy, which help us to live without too much trouble on one salary of her husband, I want to give advice.Do not be afraid of a significant increase in costs with the advent of the beloved baby.With skillful money available even at low wage families can not live in misery.

After your child it does not matter which company in the stroller and carry it as brand clothes worth thousands.The main thing for the crumbs - the infinite love of parents, which is priceless.

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