What kind of people are called walruses?

in the cold and frost, rain and cold wind, these people go to the river or lake.Plunging headlong into poluzam—Ďrzshy body of water, they still smile at the same time, show all their views, they get great pleasure from the icy water.Who are these extreme athletes?Proponents of a healthy lifestyle or notorious crazy?

Walruses.Who are they?

These are people who love to bathe in cold water.They believe that, by acting on the body, it makes it stronger and more durable.Doctors confirm that this leisure activity not only strengthens the immune system, but also improves the thermal regulation, metabolism and circulation.There is a powerful adrenaline rush begins endogenous heat.

What kind of people are called walruses?Of course, the brave and courageous, possessing an iron will and strength of character.Think how hard killing frost decide siganut in cold river, when at home waiting for a comfortable sofa and a woolen blanket.But walruses hesitation and doubt uneasy.They have a running jump into the body of water and assure that really happy to spend time in such a way.

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Why do people call walruses?This is an analogy with a marine mammal that is able to spend long periods of time in the icy sea.People are not always walruses physically strong and pumped up.According to them, the main thing in this lesson is not physique, and a positive attitude and self-confidence.

How to become a walrus?

The first thing to do - is to consult a doctor.Only he can push verdict: stay at home for a computer monitor, or to move towards adventure, that is breathtaking.What kind of people are called walruses?And those who pass the gradual preparation for the adventure, and those who are first time completely immersed in water.Which way do you choose depends on the physical and mental preparation.Importantly, do not forget to warm up before the dive: do exercises, run and jump.

swim better naked.Synthetic fabric swimsuit on frost instantly freezes and cools the body.If you are a beginner, the length of stay in the hole should not exceed 5 minutes.Then you can increase the period of swimming - a maximum of 20 minutes.After the procedure, come out of the water and wipe dry with a towel, dress warm clothes.Do not stand on the spot - move.And do not forget the hot tea.

If you ask what you find in this lesson, then tell me about the positive aspects of winter swimming.And explain what are called walruses.They are the ones who prefer healthy lifestyle and likes to recharge itself shares an extreme.

Contraindications and recommendations

What kind of people are called walruses?Those who bathe in the icy waters from October to April, making special emphasis on the Baptism celebration, which has long been taken to plunge into the hole.To make such water treatment, should be excluded from a number of diseases that become a barrier to winter swimming.It renal failure, nephritis, pneumonia, bronchitis, diseases of the genital organs, hypertension, coronary heart disease and congenital intolerance to cold.

Answering the questions of curious about the benefits of this hardening, explaining what are called walruses.Those who want to get rid of health problems.After all, doctors say that ice bathing is recommended for patients who are prone to colds and flu, have asthma, migraines, skin problems, and musculoskeletal system.They also will benefit women suffering from menopause.

Now you know exactly what people are called walruses.Perhaps you will want to join their community.If the icy river scares you, you can choose an alternative winter swimming: douche, dousing with cold water, summer swimming in a mountain stream or walking barefoot in the dew.Be healthy!