Russia in the final of "Eurovision-2014": Is there a chance?

International Song Contest is getting closer, and with it all the more doubt in the mind of its regular viewers-Russians.Given how recent events in the developing world, many thinking went, and Will our representative, sisters Tolmachev, melt the hearts of the audience and the foreign members of the jury?

Russia and Denmark and the transit astrological map

We've learned that horoscopes are made for people, but this time the astrological card is for the whole country.After all, Russia, as a participant of "Eurovision" is a separate unit to which the expert and made astrological chart, based on "date of birth" - June 12, 1990.Well, that analysis was complete, the astrologer has also built a transit card, given the country which will host this year's competition - Denmark.

And the first thing you could tell by looking at these maps - extremely stressful aspects between them, and hence the general negative background.Moreover, members of the "conflict" began to Jupiter, Mars and Pluto: happiness and good luck, the total energy of the movement and society.

wonder what can tell us a more detailed analysis of these "complex relationship"?

Tense aspects of Russian and "Eurovision┬╗

According to astrologer, special attention should be paid to several factors stand out.The first - is the opposition of Russia and Mars Mars "Eurovision".He threatens that any effort that will take Tolmachevy Sisters, will be perceived "hostility."

Even more, in the worst of circumstances, the more they will try to appeal to the jury and the audience, the more irritation and cause greater hostility.The second factor - is tense aspect between Jupiter and Pluto Russian "Eurovision": confrontation "ustakanilos" European view on many things, and ancient Russian traditions, customs, behavior patterns.It may be that the talent Masha and Nastya will go unnoticed because of the fact that the focus will be shifted to completely different things.

That is, will not evaluate them personally and the country as a whole, and quite biased, as one might expect.Well in this, of course, is not enough.

The only "loophole" astrological forecast

However, despite such unfavorable forecast astrologer reminded that everyone is always a chance to change the fate for the better - that's about it, and said the final astrological analysis.Hope for the best is reflected in the Russian conjunction of Venus and the Sun. "Eurovision"!This means that if our participants to really gather strength and will direct all their energy on something to get into the final, then, in spite of everything, their performance can be truly triumphant.

But do not forget that such developments Nastya and Masha will have to overcome many obstacles, with many of them will be really difficult.General forecast astrologer - chances to win in the finals are equal to one to three .So we hope for the best and always cheer sisters Tolmachev on "Eurovision-2014" in Denmark!