How to dissolve the gelatin aspic?

Aspic - a traditional Russian cuisine cold appetizer.Ready meals infrequently.Basically, it serves for the festive table.

In the seventeenth century called aspic dish that is prepared in a wealthy Russian family on the second day after the big feast.To do this, the remnants of meat products from the first day of the holiday get together, crushed and Gulf broth, cooled in the ice.The appearance of such food does not cause a large appetite, so feeding them servants.


In times of great popularity of the French way of life in Russia was invited to many foreign experts, including chefs.In the French kitchen it was like dish called galantine.The basis of it was thick rich broth of several meats and game, which was added finished food products, ground into mincemeat.Adjusted to taste using spices and raw eggs.The resulting mixture was covered and allowed to press the cold.

Based on the principle of preparing galantine, French chefs have changed partially cooking technology aspic, causing appeared jelly.Thanks broth clarification and introduction into it lemon peel and saffron jelly usual began to look extraordinarily beautiful and appetizing.New dishes are delicious, served in a rich homes.Jelly began to make not only meat but also fish products: sturgeon, sturgeon, pike.

menu of ordinary people remain traditional jelly.Brewed in the winter between the great post.To jelly froze well, be sure to put in the soup meat leg (shank), head, ears and lips.These products contain a large number of gelling agents, making jelly turns out very strong.

modern Russian cuisine diversified old dish unusual ingredients.Today, nobody will be surprised aspic of cock, lamb, river fish.Slightly exotic look seafood, vegetables and fruit.Since they do not contain substances that promote solidification in food is necessary to introduce a special supplement - gelatin.

This viscous protein, resulting in long-term digestion of animal collagen (connective tissue).The product is useful for the health and contains in its composition phosphorus, calcium, nitrogen.The presence of glycine in gelatin, a natural source of energy, improves functioning of the organism.

In Latin gelatin (gelatus) means "frozen" or "frozen."In the dried form of the product it looks like a transparent yellowish granular powder with no taste and odor.The food industry also produces gelatin plate.

Scope gelatin is wide.In the area of ​​food they use in the manufacture of confectionery: jelly, marshmallow, jelly.In catering gelatin is used to accelerate the hardening aspic, jellies, aspic.

We should also consider how to make jelly with gelatin.For the modern man is a dish like jelly, it's still a festive meal.But not because of the high cost of products, and because of the long cooking process.In today's fleeting life is simply not enough time for a long and slow digestion broth followed his unhurried hardening.To speed up the cooking process of delicious dishes to the aid of gelatin.

How to dissolve gelatin aspic?

Usually on the package has instructions for the correct use of instant powder.It should be diluted with cooled boiled water in a ratio of one to five, and then left to swell for ten minutes.Then put in the hot broth and mix thoroughly.

How to dissolve gelatin aspic right?It is important to always remember that cooked gelatin solution should be injected into the broth to boil thin continuous stream.The liquid should be vigorously stirring to prevent lumps.Pouring the broth to be merely solidification after cooling to room temperature.To the dish turned out delicious and tasty, it is necessary to know how to dissolve gelatin aspic correctly.

bad option worth considering another useful method.So, how to add gelatin aspic?Dissolve the gelatin leaf in cold water for half an hour.Is then placed in a water bath and heated until complete dissolution.

Pour the resulting solution into the final broth.Stirring constantly, bring the liquid to a boil.It is necessary to watch closely to ensure that the gelatin did not stick to the bottom of dishes.Filtered broth pour boiled meat and send it to cool.


To prepare a tasty and transparent jelly chicken need to know how to dissolve gelatin aspic.Infuse dry powder in cold broth necessary for one hour.Then, the solution was added garlic, spices, salt, and then diluted with a liter of broth and heat without boiling.


To understand how much gelatin jelly must be added to the normal point, you should always try to obtain a solution.One spoonful of melted gelatin should be mixed with a small amount of broth and dip your fingers in it.If they stick together and are separated with little effort, the jelly has just enough.Excess gelling agent can ruin jelly, turning it into a mass of rubber.