How to cease to hesitate: advice of psychologists

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sudden embarrassment, shyness sometimes severely hinder us to live, to act when it is so required.If such symptoms are rare, you do not worry about it.This is just one of the human emotions.

And if the constant feeling of embarrassment become a character trait, does not allow to move forward - its impact on your life, of course, should be reduced.Shy man and he realizes that it is necessary to change, just as the ... How to stop shy and start a new life?

Confusion is not always evident, but in certain situations, in the society.Can any and may include specific individuals.How to stop shy people?Psychologists advise to first of all find out the truth: why these friends are you so confused?Maybe you've heard from parents or peers at school, that such people should avoid, they are not out of your range, and so you have formed a certain reaction.Or maybe just a character you got from one of the parents.

How to stop shy, if your case is similar to the first?Under these causes can be minimized manifestation of shyness.One has only to realize that you instilled opinion is erroneous.But it's not so easy to do.Look for yourself in your own principles, values, and put away the strangers, so preventing you from living.In addition, if the confusion comes in the presence of any person in a group of people - are the reason probably lies in the lack of social experience (which means you need to type it!), Or low self-esteem.Learn to believe in yourself, stop to him to find fault, and finally, tie their self esteem to other vital events.Do not make it dependent on other people's opinions, because it is impossible to please everyone!

How to cease to hesitate if you have it in the blood?Here complicated.You can soon learn not to show it to others than to eradicate an important feature of your personality.Yes, that's important, because it makes you yourself.And this has its own charm, not for nothing that the girls like shy guys ... Take the example of self-confident people, which certainly can not be said that they can be characterized by shyness.If their faces are not visible embarrassment, it does not mean that they do not experience this feeling.Shyness is not a basic, basic human emotions, which can be seen immediately on everyone's face.Her (as opposed to basic) can hide.Ask yourself what is it about the behavior of a confident person, so that convinces others of his inner strength?Certainly in your neighborhood there are similar people.Watch for them and give an answer to this question.Maybe it's in posture, in a pose in his eyes?Practice portray this confidence (what she had not expressed) in front of a mirror.Yes, at first did not happen.But you train yourself.First with yourself and then with others.Sooner or later, it is the ability to grow into a habit.

feel embarrassed, ashamed and tend to growing up people, especially adolescents and young people, which came at a time when it's time to get acquainted with the girls, prove to your friends that you "do not miss".And then suddenly it's embarrassing how out of place!How to stop shy girl?Again the experience: learn to start a conversation, do not pay attention to the rudeness is not hoard offense and try again.Over time, the positive experience accumulated more.And then comes the confidence and embarrassment disappear.

All these methods are difficult path that will have to go alone, never turning to him, did not give up.Only then can the effect of the work on a fix and will provide the desired result.If you find it hard to cope with it alone, turn to a psychologist.There is nothing reprehensible vice versa.It will help you to understand the true causes of shyness, to learn to live without embarrassment.Especially if you have this emotion manifests itself quite rapidly (red face, perspiration, shaking hands).

So, the basic psychological advice on the issue as to cease to be ashamed of, are given.Move in the right direction and all you get!