Myths about marriage: Say "no" old-fashioned rules

There are many "sets" and "lists" of the rules, following which, you seem to warrant himself happy marriage "until death do you part."But in fact, not all of them are working today.This is both good and bad.Well - because, not even following the "rules" of marriage, it is possible to live together a long and happy life.Bad - because even following the "rules" does not ensure happiness in marriage.

However, if the rules do not apply, then it is not the rules, and the myths and debunk their worth.

1. quarrels lead to divorce.

lead to divorce the problem of silence.And if you let the noisy, but face it, it's the opposite leads to the strengthening of relations.

2. Never sleep separately from each other!

Sleep, of course!If you or a partner snoring, sick or you had a falling out, and someone just need to be alone.To this must be flexible approach and focus on the situation.

3. Never rest apart!

If you spend enough time together, it is possible as a time to spend, and apart, because each of us has to be a personal space.For example, he wants to go on a fishing trip with friends, and you - go to the beach with her friends - so why not?

4. Spend your leisure time alone together.

He does not have to share all your hobbies, like you - it.Therefore, as part of the same rules of personal space, let him do what he likes, and loans to their own.

5. The main thing in a relationship - honesty!

Globally - yes, no doubt.But do you really want him to know how you treated yeast or made acidic pedicure?The woman must always be a mystery!

6. When a couple goes "Spark" - in the relationship was over.

Relations tend to experience different periods of ups and downs alternate.And if you had enough the first hole to get away from him, then it turned out to be so strong your love is.

7. There are no friends of the opposite sex.

Well, that's just ridiculous.The main thing - the confidence and trust of your loved one.But friends of the opposite sex is quite possible to introduce him / acquainted itself.

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