Note: erogenous zone.

Surely many of you know that a woman's physiology is much more complicated than men.Let it sounds no offense to the stronger sex.But social polls confirm this opinion and in men.The intimate terms at beautiful ladies all quite easy.Even the sex organs are extremely complex and unique structure.And almost every millimeter tender flesh plays a huge role in the sexual process.This time we will focus on such a unique women's intimate organ as the clitoris.Because some men are confused regularly puzzling question of where he is all the same girls.So what are the secrets fraught with the female private parts?Where is the clitoris and that it responds to the body?

little anatomy

Science conducts highly original analogy between the clitoris and the male penis.The fact that their anatomical structure has a lot of similarities.The clitoris is filled cavernous bodies, which are responsible for the blood flow in the excitation as well as a marked increase in body volume.However, the system of nerve endings in the case of the ladies are much more complicated.It goes quite deep into the flesh.Female clitoris has a head, bridle, body and hood, which is also called an original foreskin.Where is the female clitoris?Perhaps, this issue worries the majority of men who are just beginning an active sexual life.

Where to find the source of female pleasure

clitoris is located in the upper connection of the labia minora.He can speak clearly among the folds of the skin or be very inconspicuous.The head of the clitoris touch denser.Just below is the urethra.If you want to know where the clitoris uzhenschin, guided by feelings partner.Remember that any, even the slightest touch to this intimate body is a powerful excitement.The stronger your lady be acquired, it will be easier to detect her.


Little wonder about where the girl is the clitoris.It should also have an idea of ​​its size and shape.Ideally, the outer parameters of the clitoris is approximately 1 centimeter.However, this figure is not an axiom.Remember that every woman has the full exclusive intimate anatomy.Therefore, the size of the clitoris in different women can vary greatly.And any deviation from the standard size is considered to be quite normal.In this case, you can also spend quite logical analogy with the male sexual organ.There are no strict parameters that determine the normal size of the penis.The same applies to the clitoris.

What female erection

In relation to the girl, the term sounds a bit strange.However, sexologists claim that the process of sexual arousal the clitoris to actively respond to the physical and moral state of the partner.You can not even touch this body, but often in this case, it will begin to fill with blood, significantly hardening, as well as some increase in size.The clitoris is extremely sensitive to all stimuli.It can swell from sensual thoughts of the woman or the anticipation of the upcoming sexual contact.

functions clitoris

Most experts assigns this intimate body girl great role.It is believed that through it pass directly to all the physical and moral pleasure ladies.Many sexologists argue that the clitoris is not possible without the fact of the female orgasm.Therefore, we can safely say that the main function of the body of the girl is an intimate excitement and the opportunity to reach the peak of pleasure.This is the main erogenous zone in the body of your partner, which certainly needs to be given due attention.If you do not have sufficient experience in the intimate sphere, do not hesitate to ask a lady to show where the clitoris is in her.This knowledge will make the night more frank and unforgettable for the girl.Lasky confident man - the highest pleasure for each lady.As


There are several proven ways to impact on the clitoris partner for its excitation.We should not forget the kindness and directly during intercourse.This is especially true of those ladies whose clitoris is located high enough in relation to the vagina.During sex partner is not always able to influence their movements on the coveted female organ.Therefore require individual fingers caress.Many women say that without it simply can not achieve orgasm.Therefore, man is very important to know where the clitoris of his ladies.

To warm affection ideal partner with your fingers and tongue.Many women are embarrassed to admit that they just lose their heads is the second option.Therefore, sometimes a man must persevere, to how to excite your partner and give her a great feeling.So where is the clitoris, you have already learned.It remains to study the most successful versions of caresses for him.With a little practice - and your lady will be literally on cloud nine.

If you want to learn to oral sex, use these tips.Reheat Woman lightly better language.Imagine that you have a chance to lick the most delicious ice cream in the world.Maximum stick out your tongue out and bend the tip.Then take a few long, slow movements, stopping each time it is on the tip of his tongue the clitoris.It is also recommended using the caress of the lips.Can thus slightly suck air.

Handle the clitoris gently and carefully as possible.A huge number of nerve endings of the body of a girl doing an incredibly gentle.So uncertain or too strenuous movements can even cause pain partner.Excitation of the same in this case will be forgotten.Imagine that you bit their teeth member.Agree, then all the romance as the arm lift.

Where is the clitoris, caress and can be completely hands.But this should be done without too much pressure.All movements should be as light and flavorful.The clitoris is necessary to caress with one finger in a circular motion.To partner did not feel discomfort, it is recommended to use a lubricant.Such affection can be combined with the penetration of the fingers deep into the vagina of the girl.Movement as excited woman should do more palpable.It is recommended to slightly accelerate.

role in orgasm

Where is the clitoris in women, you probably already knew.But what is his role in the notorious ladies orgasm?Those skilled in the claim that without the clitoris girl will not be able to reach the peak of pleasure.However, orgasm is of several varieties.Including clitoral.This body of women is directly responsible for initiating.Therefore it can be assumed that without it she would be unable to reach the peak of pleasure.

clitoral piercing

Some women are forced to turn to the experts, as their private parts are not sufficiently sensitive.And often it can cause a low degree of excitation.As a consequence - the inability to achieve an orgasm.In such a case, it may assist the piercing of the clitoris.This procedure is quite unpleasant and painful.However, properly chosen decoration provides a constant stimulation of the clitoris.Many women claim that such a body piercing to help solve all the problems in intimate life.However, decorate their bodies in such a delicate field should be exclusively dedicated cabin with an experienced and highly qualified specialists.In addition, it is necessary to look for puncture.The first time will have to abstain from sexual intercourse.