What is mulch and what materials can be used as mulch?

Perhaps many of you have heard about such an agrochemical reception as mulch.It is widely used in a variety of climates, it can be used with a variety of covering materials.The fact that a mulch, described in this article.You will also learn what types of mulches are used, and what technologies are used during the process.

So, what is mulch?This cover surface of the beds or flower beds an organic or inorganic material, and may lodge only aisle, and may be allocated for the entire surface of the bed of the plot.Man "peeped" mulching technology from nature.The soil under shrubs and trees are always covered with fallen leaves, pine needles and dry grass.This natural mulch protects it from drying out, and the plants - from pests and low temperatures.Rain can not wash away the soil under natural mulch, while on the surface does not form a solid crust, and the moisture is retained longer in the ground.

Mulch in nature a little understood.And what is the mulch in the garden area and the benefits it can bring?Closing the aisles or planting plants in the area, protected with mulch, you can greatly reduce the amount of irrigation, because moisture will persist much longer.In addition, you almost get rid of the tedious loosening the soil, because hard crust on the surface will not be formed, and will not spend so much time weeding as covering material will not allow weeds to grow.

What materials can be used for mulching?Mulch comes in two forms: organic and artificial.Speaking of the inorganic materials, most commonly used black mulch film, but can be used only or roofing material lutrasil.Tape covers the whole flower bed, then cut a hole in it, that will be planted in the plant.Through mulching the soil temperature to increase by 1,5-2 ° C and stop growing weeds, reduce evaporation of moisture.Transparency does not eliminate the weeds, so do not use it.

organic mulch, unlike synthetic materials, also feeds the soil, so to shelter beds ground often film mulch humus.Over time, it decomposes, forming a new layer of fertile, nourishing plants.In addition to the compost can be used sawdust mulch, cut grass (some half wet), compost (ideal), straw (especially for tomatoes), newsprint, bark, pine needles and fallen leaves.

Sawdust and wood chips rot over a year, so they are used in small cultivated areas that do not dig on the garden path, for example.Also, they can be filled raspberry bushes or add sawdust beds with garlic and tulips (in the winter).The only condition - the chips should be well dried, not crumpled.Other materials can be mulched soil prior to planting plants or for the winter.

Now you know what mulch is and what it is used.Every culture loves its own version of mulch, so definitely say which one is better, it is difficult.