Cubes on the abdomen: the effective exercise

Many of us dream of having a perfect figure, to be beautiful and smart, "flaunt" cubes on the belly.Every day we go to the mirror, look at your fat folds and think: "Tomorrow will begin to download the press.Tomorrow will stop to eat after six. "Often it is and remains just a promise.And when he saw on the beach a beautiful and slender girl, trying to justify himself: "She's the rich parents, a lot of time and money on a gym and a personal trainer."

It's time to change something.It is necessary to take the will in a fist and to give its appearance a total of 20 minutes and a day, without recourse to the coaches.Because everyone has everything you need to pump up the beautiful dice on his stomach.You just have to execute the following step by step instructions.

1 stage.Remove the fat from the tummy

To start the fight for the cubes, you need to remove body fat, burn excess fat.

the day you should consume 2 liters of water.This not only takes fat from the body, but also reduces the feeling of hunger.

After every 3 hours you must snack, to metabolism works like a clock, and burn fat.

should also abandon the beer and sweets from the shop.You will manage perfectly dried fruit, honey and nuts.Sometimes, you can enjoy homemade cakes.

Eliminate from your diet refined products such as sugar, bread made from white flour and white rice.But make yourself familiar to eating vegetables and cereals.From that improve digestion and fat go away.

Stage 2.Create a blog success

order soon appeared blocks on her stomach, you need to keep a diary of successes and failures.From him the press, of course, not pumped up, but we will see how close have a dream.These should be recorded as a day of exercise done, how much is eaten candy, etc.Similarly, you can control yourself.

Stage 3.To exercise

How to remove a stomach pump and press at home?Some diets will not help.Looking for specific exercises that you should perform regularly.

located on the belly muscles of the lower, middle and upper press.In this sequence they must be trained.

  1. needed to warm up the muscles warm.It is to stretch all the muscles of the following exercises: head turns, twists trunk, arms and legs strides.
  2. start from the bottom of the press.The most effective exercise is the "folding."It should lie on your back and lift both legs and torso, trying to reach his lips to his knees.Later on the legs you can put a small weight to weight.On the inhale should be raised, and the output to take the starting position.This exercise is carried out in two sets of 25 times.
  3. Downloading average press.There are training obliques.This exercise allows muscles to pump up the data blocks on her stomach, as a special form of abdominal corset.Lie on your back, bend the legs and try to touch your right elbow to the left knee, and the left - to the right.Exercise is carried out in two sets of 30 times.
  4. queue top press.Lie on your back, legs bent and put it on the floor.The upper part of the body must be raised, trying to reach the knee.The loin should be left on the floor.Exercises are performed in two sets of 50-fold.
  5. cubes on the belly girls appear after the regular exercise.In addition to basic, you can suggest exercise a "bicycle".It should lie on the floor and lifting his legs, making movements like riding a bicycle.

Squat, and use of timber and dumbbells can help pump up the press.And during the day you need to periodically stretch the muscles of the abdomen, especially in the transport or sitting at the computer.

cubes to pump the stomach, it is only necessary to carry out regular and thorough exercise and eat right.And then I do not have to spend a lot of time and money in gyms.