Relief muscle.

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Very often beginners who achieve a certain result, are faced with a situation where like as well as the biceps has become more and chest appeared, and muscle mass recruited, but looks far from it, as we see on the screen where roaminflated beauties, which clearly stands out relief muscles.Here we must remember that a drying muscles, or as some call it, drying the body.It is worth noting that the gender of the athlete in this case is not important, because both men and women, the drying process the body goes the same way.

course, muscle mass - it's very good, but this is not the last thing we are striving to achieve.So that is the relief of muscle should not be forgotten.After dialing a certain weight, you need to start working on a program to develop muscle relief.In the first phase, the program will seem difficult, because you The developed training system is changing dramatically.To the relief appeared muscles, exercise - not the most important.

We must remember that food is very important.That it plays a huge role for drying the body.It is worth noting that the exercises are characterized by a decrease in the relief of muscle weight, but increase the number of repetitions.It is in connection with an increase in the number of repetitions, we'll have to take off a couple of pancakes.But there are some nuances that are extremely important to remember not to lose all the weight you gained so much difficulty, but to make the relief of muscle.

The first thought that comes to mind beginners - need a special program that will improve your muscle relief, but at the beginning of the entire bodybuilding is nutrition.The importance of proper diet mentioned above.It is necessary to increase the amount in the diet of protein products and reduce the amount of carbohydrates on the contrary.But it is worth remembering that reduce the amount of carbohydrates consumed should be slow.As already known, carbohydrates - the main source of energy in our body, and if not enough carbohydrates, the body activates the burning of subcutaneous fat, from which it gets the energy and.

portions which you will eat, should be reduced, but the number of meals a day to increase.And remember protein.Muscles in any case should not go hungry.Remember that the last meal should consist of some proteins.It is essential bedtime excluded from the diet fats and carbohydrates.

Weighing 90 kg, the day the person should receive 2500-3000 calories.In no case can not skip meals because if the body will not have enough nutrients, it will burn your muscles to their needs.

If you feel that you have insufficient training forces, need to increase the amount of carbohydrates.But shortly before the workout.

eliminate from your diet all fatty foods.Eat only quality product.Do not eat semi-finished products.

fluid from the body displays the usual caffeine.

Remember, proper nutrition, high intensity and high reps will make your body beautiful!