How to learn to catch up on the bar quickly?

Every guy or a man should have a beautiful figure and pump body.But unfortunately, not all fit this standard.Some can not even once to catch up on the bar.It is for these people to write this article.So, how to learn to catch up on the bar?

To start practicing, you therefore need a horizontal bar itself.It is desirable that it was located on the street, it will allow you to strengthen your health even more, while outdoors.Also we need a good motivation, which will support you in the difficult period.

Before you answer the question, how to learn to catch up on the bar, it is important to know that there are several types of pull-ups, so all machines are different.Basically, it's pulling forward and reverse grip.There are also static exercises on the horizontal bar, enhanced and simple.It should be noted that the direct grip pull-ups involve a completely different group of muscles, rather than the reverse.

How to learn to catch up on the bar?

So, before you climb on the horizontal bar, must be thoroughly warmed up.To do this it is best to run a few laps around the playground (you can set other targets).Then prepare the muscles by increasing pressure - by pulling them.Now you are ready and can start by pulling up.

beginners in this business is hard enough, some will not be able to catch up and once.If you are one of them, start with a simple Davis on the bar.Try to stay as long as possible and then arrange a short break and climb up on the bar again.Over time, you gain strength, and you are able to do exercises on the bar for beginners.

Hang on the bar and because of all the forces try to pull your body.After that engages in this position for 1-2 seconds, the chin should be well over the crossbar.Following slowly lower and repeat.It is important that the tightening carried out at a slow pace, the only way you'll make progress.

should be noted that it is necessary to arrange regular training, with no gaps.Otherwise, you will not achieve any results.Find a special program on the Internet, such as "how to learn to catch up on the bar 50 times in six months' or anything like that.Adhering to it, you begin to progress much faster than doing without the program.You can also create and own diary, which will record your results and set new standards.

Once you can easily be tightened more than 10 times, you can proceed to exercise power.The most popular are: access to one (for two), the army out, needle, dismount, and many others.It is worth noting that all the exercises are quite painful, and master them will not be easy.There are more complex forms of exercise, such as the sun.But they will be able to perform only experienced a horizontal bar-Men.

inexperienced people often ask the question - the horizontal bar rubbing calluses, how to be?The answer is simple: it is enough to buy a special glove in a sports store or wrap an elastic bandage hands.

key to success - a constant training.If you do not begin to find reasons to be absent from training and will think about how to increase your level, the question is how to learn to catch up on the bar, will disappear by itself.Also, do not forget about motivation.