What are the signs of winter

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The sign may mean different directions - either it keeps track of events, either portends.In every country and in different cultures have their own predictions, which are associated with the weather, with animals or with the man himself.For example, many argue that if the cat with the black color will go the way a man, the unhappiness or failure he did not escape.Believe it or not in signs - every decision, for many people - it's just superstitious words, for others - an omen of things to come.Well, let's talk about the second option.

Signs of winter - a diversity of views and opinions that have been predicted even in Russia.But until now, they do not lose their relevance.On the contrary, the signs of the weather are gaining momentum, some come from far away, others compose himself.But the signs of winter can really believe, only if they are time-tested.

If we recall the fact that in ancient times there were no instruments that characterize the weather, it is possible to completely and accurately with certainty that forecasters could well be these same signs.Identify upcoming forecast could have on the behavior of animals, insects, plants and other animals.For example, flying low over the water swallows, have to say about the coming rain and bad weather.

Signs of winter - is the abundance predictions that come from the most ancient times.They are a whole lot, but we will consider only the most common and important:

- if the winter is warm, the summer will be rainy;

- the presence of a large number of icicles talking about a good harvest;

- if struck by lightning in the winter - the storm will pass;Thunder - to the severe frosts;

- the presence of frost on the trees suggests that it would be cold, and if the fog was formed - then wait for the thaw;

- if snow spinning big flakes, and the storm will mucus;

- wood in the stove burning with a bang - wait for frost.

Generally, winter folk omens may consider not only the nature but also the behavior of animals.The most current versions of this:

- cat curls up into a ball - wait for frost and cold;

- if the horse on the snow falls, there will be heat;

- closes the muzzle cat - waiting for bad weather and frost;

- if the dog lying in the snow - to be a strong blizzard;

- the heat will be when the cat will rub on different subjects or will lie belly up;

- a bunch of crows croak - wait for frost.

Signs of winter weather can include special of the month.For example, in December, January and February have their days, who predict future events.Consider some of them:

- December 1 - the day determines what will all further winter;

- December 29 - if there is frost, it will stand up to the Epiphany;

- January 1 - a day and this will be the first day of summer;

- January 6 - if there is a clear day, then wait for a good harvest;

- January 24 - the day is the arrival of a warm early spring;

- January 25 - when the presence of the sun birds arrive early, and if it's snowing, the summer will be rainy;

- February 1 - a day, a whole February;

- February 15 - when the sun is shining, then soon be spring;if not, then the frost will continue.This day should look at rainfall, snow morning says the harvest of early grain.

Thus, signs of winter can talk about the upcoming events, the crops, the coming of summer and how it will be - warm, rainy or dry harvest.Many people, especially the older generation, nearly all judges further moments of it called signs.

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