Natural Cosmetics: the mask of kiwi face

Despite the variety of cosmetic products on sale, homemade recipes tested natural ingredients is still popular.And to a lot of reasons.Homemade mask is easy to prepare from components, which are often close at hand, which saves time.In addition, the mask with natural ingredients are no less effective way of advertised vehicles.Recipes of home caregivers funds there is a set, in many of them are traditionally used fresh berries and fruits, rich microelements and vitamins, and most importantly, containing fruit acids.

In recent years, besides the usual fruit and berries, use the recipes at home and once-exotic for us kiwis.Popular face mask with kiwi, due to high content in the fruits of potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, fruit acids, vitamin C, helps to restore collagen.Fruit acids help to effectively cleanse the skin and remove dead skin cells perfectly, but because the flesh kiwi is often a component of fruit peelings.

mask of kiwi perfectly nourishes, tones, refreshes and whitens the skin, and thanks to the antibacterial effect of fruit can be used for inflammation of the skin.

Kiwi can be used as a tool for skin care in its purest form.For example, to clear the fruit peel and cut into slices, which are then put on face, you can also wipe the skin fresh juice.And if you cook the pulp from the pulp, you get a mask of kiwi face a cleansing effect.Due to the content in the pulp of small grains, it can be used as a scrub.The mask of kiwi face can be useful for all skin types, besides these masks, as opposed to, for example, the strawberry can be used all year round.
Whitening Mask
For mask, mash half kiwi scrub with poppy seeds (1/2 tsp.).The mixture for 2 minutes rubbing into the skin, then left on the face for another 20 minutes.The mask not only whitens the skin but also soothes irritation, soothes and cleanses.

Another whitening mask of kiwi face.Teaspoon of sour cream mixed with a tablespoon of pulp kiwi.The mask is applied only on clean skin, hold 15 minutes, wash it with water should be boiled.

Mask nutritious
half a banana and kiwi fruit peel and grind.To the puree add the yogurt (2 tbsp. Spoons).The mask is applied a thick layer on the face for 20 minutes.It was then washed with boiled water.

moisturizing mask

Flesh kiwi curd and take in equal proportions and mixed thoroughly.The mask is applied to clean skin, hold for 20 minutes.Removing the mask used for water at room temperature.

mask for oily skin

Mix and grind the grated horseradish, lemon pulp and pulp kiwi (one tablespoon).The resulting mixture was applied for 10 minutes to clean the face.This mask is best to wash with cool water.

mask for combination skin
need for mixing egg whites, a tablespoon of green clay and olive oil, 1 kiwi fruit pulp.Protein whisk, mix all ingredients.Apply this mask of kiwi face for 10 minutes, it should be washed off with cool water.

mask for aging skin
This mask, with regular use, can slow the aging process.The mixture are preparing from the pulp of halves kiwi and teaspoon of qualitative of honey.The composition is applied for 20 minutes, removed with hot water.

mask for dry skin
Mix the olive oil and kiwi juice in equal proportions, add the egg yolk.The mixture was applied for 20 minutes.Juice kiwi in the composition of masks will help to establish the blood circulation, well, and olive oil is excellent nourishes the skin.

Mask for normal skin
Bierut on a tablespoon juice kiwi and low fat cottage cheese, the composition of is thoroughly stirred.The mixture was applied for 15 minutes, washed with warm water composition.

Mask for all skin types
Mix the on a tablespoon almond oil and of orange juice, are added kefir (2 of Art. Spoons), carrots, grated on a grater, and pulp of kiwi.If the mixture will turn out excessively the liquid, add petty oat flakes.The mask should be left to dry on the face, rinse with cool water is best.