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today that this essay knows every high school student.As you know, one of the conditions for obtaining certificates of secondary education is compulsory surrender of the unified state examination in two subjects: Russian language and mathematics.So, the Russian language tests are completed Part C, in which the task is writing an essay-argument for a given text, ie essay.Also, the essay is an element for obtaining high scores for those students who opted for the exam for social studies and history.

Historically, the answer to the question what the essay comes from the Latin «exagium», which means "weighting" and the French «essai» - which literally means "pen test".The difference between this type of work from the traditional works lies in the fact that in the content, except for references to the literary work, is mandatory and essential for the proper reasoning of the author of a particular problem that rises at this point.That is the purpose of writing an essay is not only the definition of relevant and exciting topics that often have given in the critical literature on the works, and the identification of its position on the matter.And not necessarily in this case even disagree with the author.Much more important - the ability to clearly and convincingly prove their case.Moreover, even the most complex philosophical questions can express the usual spoken language.For compositions i.e. compositions construction of this type there is no strict requirement.

pass from the theoretical part of the argument that such an essay, to the practical part.So, if you set out to learn how to write an essay, then immediately obraduem you: volumes of essays of this type are not very large.Typically, the above-mentioned criteria for an essay exam tests require that its content includes 150-160 words.Handwritten text in standard letter size is the amount of information fits about 3 exercise book page or a half sheet.

is important to know that those writings, which cover a wide range of problems that can not be assessed as an essay.Therefore, the standards clearly outline the theme of an essay or a narrow range of issues disclosed in the sketch.In expressing his point of view, the author in any case should not pretend to have read his work study, it implicitly recognized and treated it as a truth in the last race.Rather, the essay - is an invitation to continue discussions to identify the true point of view.This is a subjective work, by which you can evaluate the identity of the author, his outlook, as well as feelings and thoughts.

Standards essay does not allow any plagiarism.All quotes and sayings can be used only within the framework of the author, allowing the use of other people's thoughts to confirm or, conversely, denial declared the author point of view.In the foreground to be bright and clearly visible to the identity of the author, who chose essay to illuminate the actual problem.His unconventional view serves as a proposal to accede to the reader and comment, and can be, and to argue for one or another exciting issue.

criteria essay, however, does not make it completely different from the traditional compositions.On the contrary, in the essay encouraged emotionally-shaped vocabulary.But we must remember that one of the main requirements is the ability to write an essay on an individual, inimitable style.Even the title of the essay may not be in direct proportion to the essay topic.The main idea of ​​this kind of essay vyyavlyaetya only after careful study of the author's thinking.

Although this article we tackle the question of what is an essay from the perspective of the examination, but today it is increasingly used in life.Many employers ask applicants to present on a particular vacant position of the point of view of understanding career in the form of a brief essay.For the modern professional is important to the ability to master both oral and written language.