How to plant bulbs Gladiolus right?

According to legend, gladioli grown from the swords of two friends, who were executed when they refused to fight against each other in gladiatorial combat.Since the days of the ancient world, this flower is a symbol of pure friendship.

Nowadays gardeners are not interested in what they stand for, and how to plant the bulbs of gladiolus.These plants are quite delicate and demanding, so choose a place to be ahead of time.

Selecting the

Since these flowers can grow 3-4 years in one place, and some species - up to 7 years, it is better to learn how to plant gladioli bulbs and a landing site will be best for them.

Gladiolus like a lot of light, but can not tolerate drafts, so the best option would be sunny area protected from the wind.A strong wind can easily break the stems of the flowers due to the high sail their inflorescences.

more importantly, to bed located in the flood-free zone.Stagnation of water is bad for the plants bulbs.You should also make a high bulk beds if groundwater are too close to the surface.It is necessary to ensure regular watering, especially in the dry summer.

The composition of the ideal ground for the gladiolus is considered to be weakly acidic medium.On acid soils, it generally does not develop, and the alkali is often sick.Therefore, before to wonder about how to plant gladiolus bulbs, better check the PH of the soil.

Selection of planting material

inexperienced florist can be difficult to choose and purchase bulbs of gladiolus, so it's best to deal with proven and reliable suppliers and horticultural farms.

In structure of this flower corm tuber is the basis of leaves at the top of which is the main kidney, and the bottom - lateral (dormant) bud.It provides a central bud stalk and the lower form small tubers, kids.

Bringer beautiful blossoms bulb average lives 3-4 years, after which loses vitality, becomes large and flat.Buying a large flat with a large bulb Donets, you can not guess how to plant gladiolus bulbs in the spring, as they still do not give color.

also should be treated with suspicion to the small bulbs that are fondly called "girls", as they appear in low thinning plants or at the wrong technology of its cultivation.Are they cheap, but it will not bloom.

Good planting - bulbs are tall with a well-developed lateral buds tsvetshimi at least once.

Preparing bulbs for planting

truly preparing onions for planting begins in late autumn, when they are decontaminated before drying is recommended.

If there is a threat of contaminated sites thrips, you should hold the tubers in a solution of 0.2-0.3% malathion th minute 30. If such a threat is not present, to increase resistance to fungal and bacterial diseases enough bulbs to omit a couple of hourssolution of potassium permanganate (2 g per 1 liter of water) or infusion of garlic (100 g per 3 liters).

Before thinking how to plant the bulbs of gladiolus, they must be carefully prepared.2-3 weeks before planting the bulbs are cleaned from the husk, and checked for damage or decay.

If there are any, they are carefully cut and incised place lubricate zelenkoj or sprinkle the crushed activated carbon.Soft and rotten bulbs should be discarded.

order for flowers started to grow rapidly, experienced gardeners kept their tubers for 13-15 hours in a solution of wood resin (800 g diluted in 10 liters of water).After that, corms recommended to put on the window sill on the sunny side, so they let the roots.

planting gladiolus bulbs

Before planting gladiolus bulbs in the spring, you should check how warm the soil.Ideally, when the earth at a depth of 10 cm has warmed up to 10 degrees, but if spring plant failed to do so it is recommended to first half of June, otherwise they will not be able to form a strong corm before the onset of autumn.

Hole for planting depth is equal to triple the height of the bulb.Most often it is from 7-15 cm. The distance between the wells - 30-35 cm, and the best growth experienced gardeners are advised to put in the front row of low grade, and only them - a tall.

This saves large flowers from possible strong wind gusts.To understand which side to plant gladiolus bulb, determine where it root plate.Right in the hole it is recommended to pour a little sand and 1/3 fertilizer, then pour the warm water, stick the tuber and sprinkle the ground.

At first, until they hatch leaves can cover the flowers at night film.

Little secrets of planting gladiolus

Gladiolus - it requires care and long flowering plant.Many gardeners refuse to grow it in their beds because of the big "fuss" with him.There are little secrets, how to prolong bloom all summer only care and limit watering.

  • quickly went to the plant in growth experienced growers give advice on how to plant gladiolus bulbs in the dust.Doing this it is recommended at the beginning of April to the tubers sprouted enough to be transplanted into open ground.
  • week before planting the bulbs in the ground should be put in a box or drawer Donets down and sprinkle well with wet sawdust.This will trigger the rapid growth of roots.After they hatch, the well prepared, although many fans of these colors do planting deep furrows.
  • position in the wells in a small amount of mineral fertilizers and sand will help avoid additional fertilizing in the summer and released once again by watering.And if you make stops at intervals of 10 days (until the end of May), you can admire the flowering gladiolus before the end of the summer.

These additional measures will free the grower from the hassle.There are also secrets of how to protect these plants from pests.

Diseases and pests

most dangerous pests for the gladiolus are slugs.They devour the leaves and gnaw tubers that can completely destroy a beautiful and healthy flowers.In order to protect the flowers from their invasion, it is recommended to sprinkle the ground around the coarse salt or mustard.

Any scorching spices do not give slugs get to color - eating away at their bodies.From easy to get rid of mole crickets with "Medvetoksa" by dissolving it in water and sprinkled the affected land.

If the site there are children or pets, it is better not to use toxic substances, and set a trap.To this was added dropwise a bowl of flowers near the water, where the pests crawl to drink, but can not escape.

To protect flowers from Fusarium rot, and it is recommended to plant flower beds around calendula or marigold.

Digging bulbs

To know how to plant the bulbs of gladiolus should understand how their digging.Once the plants ottsvetut, stems should be cut to form the bulb.In early October, the bulbs are dug to plant them next year.Before that 10 days should not irrigate.We dug the bulbs leaves cut off, she wipes her hands on the ground.All planting material placed on storage in the cellar - until next spring.