Running meter - is how much?

Surely you've heard from vendors such expression as "meter."This concept confuses many people because then you will not understand what this measure is different from the conventional meter, and what exactly is meant.Most often, this term sounds in response to a question such as: "And what is the cost of the kitchen if I order it in your company?".And in response to hear something like: "$ 450 per meter."It is able to puzzle a man who had never bought a home furniture made to order.

Running meter - this is how much?

Speaking in a nutshell, is 1 meter - is the same as usual, but we are talking about numbers.Yes, it is the number, not the length.In general, such a notion in the official terminology is simply not there.Running meter - a vulgar expression.

The idea is that the quantity of goods should be measured in kilograms or common shares.But in practice, it is not very convenient.If you ask the seller to sell a pound of table cloth on the table, what he thinks about you?Measure out the tablecloth in pieces, too, can not be considered as well as in square meters is also not suitable.Therefore, this measure is so firmly established in everyday life.

If the product has a more or less constant profile (ie, the thickness of the width of the cross-section), or delivered in a roll, it is convenient to implement, cutting off pieces of a specific length.This length is just used for measuring the amount.

Nuances of using linear meter

Running meter - is the product of one meter, no matter what he would have height or width.If the value of goods is expressed in this unit, you just need to choose the most suitable color, texture, type of goods and the right width.After that will measure the fabric or carpet along the length of the required number of linear meters.Payment will only take place for long, without any translation into pieces or square meters.

special conversation about furniture.Sellers like to display prices in running meters, while specifically taking payments for the cheapest hardware and material, and sometimes may not include the cost of fitting into account.So do not rush to the suspiciously advantageous offers, sinceThis technique is often used to attract customers banal.

How to meter the kitchen?

Suppose you have decided to order a kitchen, and you named a price of $ 450 per meter.What does this mean, and how to estimate the total cost?It is necessary to measure the length of the wall in the room, which will have a kitchen, and add the length of the angles, if the form is not linear, but in the form of the letter "T" or "P".The result is multiplied by the price and get the base value.Be prepared that it may increase by 1.5 times due to countertops, the more expensive hardware, the height of the upper wall cabinets (perhaps you have a high ceiling in a room and you want to maximize the height of the cabinets), the use of glass, installation, and so on apron.d.

Therefore, before placing your order to find out what is included in the mentioned price, how the material is taken for the calculation, be sure to ask whether an worktop, it will be matte or glossy, as will sections, etc.