As a hint to kiss a guy?

warm Build a harmonious relationship in the pair - not such an easy task.Especially difficult is the period of the first meetings of young people when they are not yet very well looked closer to each other and still do not know the features of personality and character of the second half.This article will explain the girls how to kiss a guy hint, because to say directly about this venture not every charmer.

first kiss

most important and vibrant event in the life of every girl is a first kiss with a young man.It may depend on it even further development of relations in the pair.So, how to kiss a guy hint at how to make the young man finally decided on such an important step?For a first date, the best option to "knock out" a kiss - the moment of farewell.The guy most likely to hold the girl to the house or porch.To say "yet", turn around and leave - not too educated decision.There can be little to stand up, chat, laugh, be sure to flirt.In order to form a more intimate contact, you can put your hand on the boy's shoulder and take his hand his hand.If this is hard to do, you can at times lightly, as if by chance, to touch the young man - his arm, shoulder, perhaps even the face.Yet this long-awaited moment has come kiss?You can bring it.To do this you need to know the rule of "staring", which is very simple and easy for implementation.For this we need to come as close as possible to the young man, look him in the eye first, not too long, but carefully, and then look at the lips and eyes again (but this time delay is necessary to look a little longer).This was exactly followed the kiss, there is no doubt."Peepers" works flawlessly and is 100%.

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Not all young people know that a favorite meeting place for our mothers and grandmothers were a movie, namely the last row of the audience.After all, he is called - "a series of kisses."Why not use it?So, in order to provoke a kiss in the movie, she can buy herself a pair of tickets to an interesting session on the last row.A guy presenting a ticket, she can say: "we place on a number of kisses."A reasonable man immediately understands what is at stake.But if that does not work, it is best to get tickets in advance at a session of horror.And during the terrible scenes to grasp the hand of a young man to lean on him to seek protection in strong male hands.Guy like this situation, and to calm it can just kiss the girl first on the forehead, then on the cheek, and then already on the lips.

Walk in the Park

If a couple on the street date, namely in the park, there are also a few hints as to hint at the guy kiss.Thus, it is possible to find a secluded bench in the middle of the trees, the place itself is already able to provoke a long-awaited nice touch.However, not all so simple.A girl can become a dramatically cold, it is required to inform the satellite, even if he tries to warm lady.This can be done, of course, with the help of clothes, but it is best to warm men's warm embrace.And where obnimashki there and kiss.The only important thing at the right time to catch the right angle and turn your face.


How hint kiss a guy when a couple walks along the promenade?So, it needs to stop and lean against the railing and long look at the water surface.And then to pretend that this little head spinning, you can even slightly lurching to the young man tried to catch a pass.Well, have a rest in the arms of Man, we should recall the aforementioned "staring" and thus get his.

Cafe Restaurant

Not every woman dares to say the phrase "I want to kiss you," her boyfriend.Women are easier to provoke such situations, rather than directly on this claim.So, you can get your in the case, if the meeting takes place in a cafe or restaurant.To do this, you need to invite a young man to dance (well, if it is a slow dance, he alone will be an occasion for a kiss, but come up and something fast and rhythmic).Natantsevavshis, she can thank the young man, because her company and gave pleasant moments.And in a sign of gratitude a peck on the cheek of his companion.However, she's not a sniper, and it can miss and kiss a guy in corner of the lips.And it is likely to provoke, and a long-awaited kiss.


There are situations where a kiss is simply impossible.So why not try to provoke it?

  1. sad story.She can come to the meeting frustrated and questioning Man prepared for in advance to tell the story of how her sick cat or through the open window flew the parrot.All this should be accompanied by tears.But do not cry excitedly, guys are afraid of such situations.Well, if the woman will be able to squeeze out a few tears of light that irrigate her cheeks.What man does not want to appease his companion, hugged her?And there is not far to kiss.
  2. eyewinker.The lady can make it appear that the eye something Hit and ask a young man to see what exactly it prevents.And when two people are so close to each other, kiss a guy and a girl just inevitable.

should say that this is not an exhaustive list of situations where a kiss can trigger yourself.A little imagination and no problems really achieve the desired.


I want to kiss you ... This idea often arises in the minds of the girls, however, say it directly, they often simply can not.Well, does not allow education so frivolnichat.However, you can try to bring a long-awaited kiss.To do this you need to know the simple rules, which are able to bring to life the moment.

  1. good mood.We need as much as possible to laugh, to smile, to be constantly in a good mood.So the guy realizes that the girl like him and be more bold and uninhibited behave.
  2. touch.To provoke a kiss, you need as much as possible to touch the elect.Frequent passing touch - the first step towards the convergence of the pair.
  3. right moment.In order to make it look natural and the kiss was not "strained", it requires just the right moment.It is necessary to correctly interpret the situation and provoke the only such long-awaited kisses.
  4. Do not rush.A girl should never rush to the development of relations.It may not like the guy.Do not get too openly hinting at his kiss and seek, this lady risks even scare the young man.

What does it mean to kiss a girl?This is a big exciting event.But for men this is most often just a pleasant fact.Do not be upset when the first kissing the man does not fly on the wings of love.This does not mean that he did not like the kiss, just the representatives of different sexes are arranged differently and perceive the world is somewhat different from each other.