How to connect a laptop with a laptop?

laptop users often have a need to interconnect two devices.Depending on how well you understand this kind of technology, there are several ways.Before you connect a laptop with a laptop, be sure to check out all the options to choose the most appropriate.

Wi-Fi as a way to synchronize

Perhaps the most simple and accessible way how to connect two laptops, a connection over a wireless network Wi-Fi.It does not need any special expertise, you just have to follow the straightforward instructions step by step, even if completely do not understand anything in this method of synchronization.It is noteworthy that if at least one of the computers has access to the Internet, then it is connected to a second device can automatically get into the network.

1. Set up the PC for normal №1 connect to Wi-Fi.Turn on the router, open the notebook in "Network Connections", create a new wireless network, if it was not.In all the steps connecting agrees that the proposed system.Caution: if you want to access the Internet on the device №2, then the last step is a check secure position "Allow network access to other users."

2. The device №2 configure these settings in the tab "Network Connections": the window "Internet Protocol TCP / IP», tab «Properties» IP;"Subnet Mask»;"Default Gateway" should be like device №1 (you can see in these tabs configured laptop).Whatever you said, the system selects the data values, to agree with everything.

3. The device №1 create another wireless connection with any name (it will be a home network, that is the place where the two connected PC).As a key, use any word or a set of numbers, but be sure to write it down to remember.Before you connect a laptop with a laptop, check the box in the "direct connection" and disable the automatic insertion of the key (this is easier to do manually).

4. The device №2 Repeat step three to laptops was one common network, where they can see each other.It is here and you need to create a key to connect them without any wires.

5. Test the visibility of the devices with each other.It's easy: in the active Wi-Fi zone on each of the laptops should see a window with a warning of a home network (current connection).

Possible malfunctions may include the following: Windows Firewall blocks network foreign to him (the one you created), and therefore does not synchronize devices.Just turn it on both laptops.

How to connect your laptop to a laptop a couple of clicks

This method is simple, but there is no guarantee that both devices can connect to the Internet.For example, one well will be connected to the network, and the other will act as network storage.You need to make a few simple steps and clicks to connect two independent notebook.

not so important, what it is the company with which the operating system (if it is one family of Windows, of course).This method is ideal for those who need a lot, and often transmit information (in any format) from one device to another.Before you connect the 2 laptops, they distribute information folders.In the future, it will significantly reduce your time.

Step 1: Create a Homegroup

on any laptop go to the folder "Control Center".For the convenience of the laptop will be the main number 1. Click on the tab "Network and Internet", then "Home Group".If you do not it was previously created (for any purpose), it is required to do.Click on the button "Create a homegroup."

Step 2: Identify the folder

Windows will prompt you to choose from several folders that are visible to your home group.Please put a tick in those places where you want.If you connect your personal devices, there is nothing terrible to put down anywhere access.In any case, then more can be added at the discretion folder for general viewing in the home group.

Step 3: Create a password

For security purposes, the system will give you a password, which you can then connect a second device to the home team.Write it down.Your group is ready immediately after clicking on "OK".

Step 4: Turn the homegroup

Before you connect a laptop with a laptop, make sure that they are connected to the Internet (does not really matter how).Without this it is impossible to create an environment for "communication" devices.The device №2 go to the "home group" similar to the step 1, press the "Join".Enter the password to allow access to the folder, click "OK".Then you can easily send files from one device to another, but in a strictly specified location on your hard drive.

course, this is not the only ways in which to connect the laptop to a laptop, but the most simple and affordable, with no extra cost.As an example, in the case of cable, which is necessary not just to buy, but also to choose a suitable, otherwise there is a risk to spoil both devices.