When whiten the trees in the spring?

Any experienced gardener knows that a garden brings more harvest is required to care for the trees.In the spring you need to produce loosening the soil and watering, take care of the crust.Last experiencing heavy loads during temperature fluctuations, when the cold and the heat.Protect the bark can be using whitewash.This process will prevent damage to the surface of the wood and prolong the life of garden plants.

Why whiten the trees?

Whitewashing as care for the trees in the spring performs two functions: preventive and aesthetic.

bark has a dark color.As you know, the darker the color, the more it attracts the sun's rays.Therefore, the raw bark heats up quickly, and the likelihood of sunburn increases.To avoid this unpleasant damage better protect tree whitewash.It is important to remember that the bole is the most sensitive part of the tree.The plant can be lost if the field applied to the injury, and she was not cured.Whitewashing in this case - a great preventative tool.

In addition, the treated plants look well-groomed.Note the trees in the park garden workers whitewashed bottom of the barrel to give it a beautiful appearance.However, generally, the steps of stripping the crust and its treatment are ignored.

Pros and cons of the procedure

owners often ignore the process gardens tree care.Meanwhile, the crust under the bright sun overheats, there are wounds.And then comes the moment when whitewashing trees in spring is necessary.It adhere to the affected surface of a variety of diseases, due to which the tree begins to die.To avoid this, you should treat the bole solution whitewash.After this simple procedure, a tree will not afraid of any pests and sunlight.

However, it is believed that the whitewashing of no benefit, and vice versa: the solution penetrates deep into the cortex, clogging the pores.The tree is poisoned and ceases to "breathe."In addition to the harmful creatures die ladybug larvae.They are the defenders of the garden of aphids.In this case, the environmentalists say that violated the natural balance of nature.But this is just one view.Obviously, the positive points in this procedure more than the negative.

When whiten the trees in the spring?

So, decided to make the processing of whitewash.Then the question arises as to whiten the trees in spring.Usually, the best time for treatment - May Day celebrations, that is the first of the month.Nothing bad will happen if whiten shtamby a little earlier, for example, in mid-April.You can begin to color when the garden begins to wake up, coming growing season.If whitewash was applied in the last year and is still a well-kept, the procedure may be postponed until the middle or even the end of May.

ready means to handle their own

White for trees produced by different methods.Consider the most popular:

  • Requires 1 kg of manure 0.2 kg of copper sulfate and 1 kg of lime Pour 8 liters of water.This is followed by a good mix all the ingredients and let them brew until such time until they are completely dissolved.It will take about 2-3 hours.Whitewashing will have a bluish tinge, it is formed from the addition of sulfate.This element is an excellent preventive tool for development of fungal diseases.
  • Take 2 kg of lime, 1 kg of fat clay, manure (1 shovel), 0.25 kg of copper sulfate.Pour 10 liters of water.All components of the mix, give them a brew.
  • soluble in hot water 0.4 kg of copper sulfate.Then add 2 kg of slaked lime, 100 g casein glue, and 10 liters of water, mix thoroughly.

Whitewashing with lime trees will guarantee the strength and durability of the solution.

First step: purification of the trunk and branches

solution ready.You can start the procedure.To start the tree should be cleaned of old bark, mosses and lichens.Before starting work wear gardening gloves.Metal and plastic items are not suitable for cleaning because they are traumatic for the crust.The ideal option would be a wooden knife.If not, you can use an ordinary splinter, but it needs to sharpen.

executing this phase of work, it is important to remember that after the winter period in the cortex, which is to be cleaned may be different pests.So be sure to all the wastes should be burned.To make it easier to collect the bark cleaned before starting to work, you can lay under a tree strong film.It is important to carry out the preparation of the surface to the whitewash in wet weather.

second stage: disinfection bark

following procedure to perform better in dry weather.Otherwise the whole procedure will be in vain.For disinfection solution should be done.To do this you need to take about a pound of copper sulfate and fill it with a bucket of water.You can add a Bordeaux mixture.Then sprinkle the particulate method requires the surface to a drop does not flow down the tree, and settled on the bark, forming fog.

There is another recipe for the solution that is most effective.For its preparation must take 0.2 kg of ash, add to it 5 grams of soap and dissolve in one liter of hot water.The resulting composition is not necessary to spray, just enough to moisten his rag and wipe the appropriate part of the tree.Ash in this case serves as a good disinfectant and excellent fertilizer.

There is another variation of the solution: 2 kg of ash poured a bucket of water (10 liters), the components are mixed for 20 minutes, after which the mixture is placed on the fire and brought to a boil.The cooled solution was mixed with water in a ratio of 1: 1 and applied to the treatment site by spraying.If we take the ratio of 1: 2, then you can simply wash the wood resulting mixture.

third stage: embedding wounds and whitewashing

for treatment of wounds acquired a special tool.It can be cooked alone: ​​

  1. Garden Var.For this it is necessary to take the putty 200 g of beeswax and resin (about 100 g).Separated from each other components of the melt in the fire and mix by adding thereto 100 g of fat, unsalted sure (he must soften).Then the solution was poured into cold water and form a clot.To mass was plastic, it is necessary before application to the wood to heat it.
  2. Chatterbox clay.Reconstitute with water 0.2 kg of clay, 0.1 kg of cow dung and a small amount of straw, previously chopped.The consistency should resemble a thick cream.

remains the final stage.When whiten the trees in the spring?It is best to do it in a dry bright day.

positive results from the work performed is obvious: plant stop aching, increase yields.But the greatest impact will be in the case of fruit trees in spring and autumn each year to process.