The girls on the threshold of adulthood in a photo project Sparrow Lane

American photographer Holly Andres - the author of the beautiful and frightening at the same time a series of works «Sparrow Lane», in which she metaphorically and literally tells about growing up girls.

Andres was born and raised in the city of Missoula, Montana.He received a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Montana in 2002 and a master's degree - in 2004 at Portland State University.In addition, it is for two years attended lectures of the Art Institute of Seattle.Artistic education, Andres, but found his true calling in photography and film.

Her photographs talk about the nature of memory, and the women's self-analysis about the difficulties that many faced as a child.Usually her pictures there is a clear object, which, however, is not the main - in his works Andres prominently special alarming implications.

series of photos «Sparrow Lane» - original story about very young girls on the threshold of adulthood.The audience is invited to a costume history in the spirit of Lewis Carroll, filled with characteristic Pre-Raphaelite gestures, rich color palette and explicit references to Freud.Nenaigrannaya "theatricality" of each image is striking - vintage costumes and the atmosphere of an old English house great help to reveal the author's intention.

viewer sees the girls are busy looking for some forbidden knowledge.They supposedly flirting with danger.An empty cell, glowing box red purse - all this, according to the authors - psychosexual metaphor pointing to the sexual awakening of consciousness in young girls.Despite the implication pictures, however, look quite innocently - cruelty they just do not.

critics say influence on the work of such masters Andres pictures like Gregory Crewdson (Gregory Crewdson) and Cindy Sherman (Cindy Sherman), but her style is unique.

Andres solo exhibitions were held in many US cities, including New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Atlanta, as well as in Portland, Oregon, where she lives and works.Her work has appeared in such major publications as the New York Times Magazine, Time, Artforum, Exit Magazine, Art News, Oprah Magazine, Elle Magazine and many others.

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