As the wasp bites: the perfect weapon

Probably each of us is looking forward to the season caressing sun, flowers and fruit.In these days are we aspire to leave the country, to the sea, river, or just out of the city to enjoy all the pleasures of summer.Looking hottest of days and wait for insects: the abundance of nectar, fragrant fruits are delighted and our smaller brethren.And sometimes the proximity of human and insect no pleasure neither the one nor the other.And if some bug we are absolutely indifferent, and they do not harm us, that others perceive the person as a direct threat to their lives.And in order to protect themselves, they can bite and hurt, thus preventing intruders that they have nothing to do here.And the poor guy who had the misfortune of being stung by aggressive insects will remember for a lifetime, like a bee or wasp bites.

Speaking of our smaller brothers - wasps - it should be noted that without provocation, these insects do not attack.What can provoke aggressive behavior?A lot.For example, sharp movements, the scent of perfume or bright clothes.Once the immediate threat of insect life or his family.So, resting on the lap of nature, be vigilant.

wasp bites How many times?

wasp sting is a unique structure - it is perfectly smooth and sharp.I must say that it was "a hornet's weapon" is the sharp object in nature.Therefore, unlike a bee, wasp can sting many times - remains a thorn in the body of the victim.Sometimes the question arises: "wasp stings or bites?"The answer is obvious: if an insect sting strike, the word "sting" is the most appropriate wording, although it does not matter.

How wasp bites and first aid

Well, first, it hurt, and secondly, the bite can cause a severe allergic reaction with all its consequences.Scientists have noted that in recent years more and more people are allergic to wasp venom.Swelling, itching, or fever - this is probably the easiest reaction to an insect bite.Where dangerous anaphylactic shock - here without emergency physician is necessary.If you were attacked striped Diptera, it will certainly try to minimize the possible dire consequences.Where to start?Look at the bite wound in the presence of stings (this can happen if you kill an insect bite while).If the gun is not detected, apply ice to the sore spot or soaked in cold water towel.Numb the affected area of ​​the body will help the solution of baking soda or ammonia solution (1: 5).Be sure to drink antihistamine.Camping, allergies must be in possession of a syringe and a vial of adrenaline - this will help save a life before the arrival of the ambulance.

If the hand did not have a first aid kit

As a rule, on a picnic, we take anything other than first-aid kit.And in vain, because you never know what can happen.And if you had the misfortune to find out how the wasp bites, and drugs is not at hand, the use of folk remedies.Well relieve swelling applied to the wound cut onion.Also neutralize the poison will the urine.To do this, you must urinate on a handkerchief and attach it to the site of the bite.Washed and mashed plantain leaves and dandelion reduce pain and itching.Now you know how the wasp bites.Be careful.