Maple leaves - ideal for needlework

first thing you think every person falls in the autumn - maple leaves.This is due to many factors.Some find in them their salvation, because a variety of colors so large that simply is not possible they will not be happy.Second, most of the children will be with great pleasure that frolic in the soft, dry litter, because the fall is no better fun than to flop in a huge pile of leaves.Others, on the contrary, in the autumn react depressing.Fall foliage makes them think that nothing is eternal, and that was a few months ago beautiful, fades before our eyes.

Leaves needlework

In autumn the streets you can find many items that are used by children to create crafts.And maple leaves not only are the exception, they are actually an ideal material.To the kid made one of his first masterpieces, should gather some of the most beautiful specimens and to dry them in the book.Unless, of course, they are not brought into the house in the dry state.After that, the child receives the freedom to realize their fantasies.It is worth noting that these crafts are not only nice to reconsider later, they also have a lot of advantages, focused on the development of children's motor skills, perception of colors, complex geometric shapes, and more.

As mentioned above, the widespread use of maple leaves are in needlework.For example, one can make a great bouquet of roses.Unlike most other craft, in that only fresh, i.e. not dry materials.After the bouquet will be assembled properly tied up and decorated, it is not left to dry for a while.As a rule, such a work of art for a long time is the decoration of the house, since it is easy to remove dust using a small brush, it is possible to shift from a vase in a vase or move to other premises, without fear that it will deteriorate.However, in order to work with children, the bouquet is not suitable, since the technique can not be called easy, and you want to actually piece of work that not every child is able to do.

Maple leaves can be considered as the material for the work of talented artists.They can create the real picture.And this will be used when only one maple leaf.To make one of these masterpieces, requires not only the right tools - such as a scalpel and smooth board - but with patience and talent.This painstaking work in conjunction with the developed imagination gave some inhabitants of the planet a great way to earn money.The fact that the shape of a maple leaf is great for creating pictures.There is enough space in the center to cut a story, and protruding parts look great as a frame.

Generally, when it is the autumn season, it is difficult to overlook the maple leaf.Photo with the image of these beauties are literally overwhelmed with social networks at the appropriate time.Despite the fact that this fall is considered as a classic said, "sad times", colorful and bright leaves add a lot of positive emotions to people, through which they are able to cope with negative mood.