Properly planning academic hour

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Starting from the school, throughout life we ​​are engaged in self-education.Most often we use the assistance of a higher or specialized institutions, courses and training, the choice faced by the notion of "academic hour."

studying the alphabet and the multiplication table, we never thought about why it is a lesson lasts 45 minutes, we just followed the system properly.But it's no accident.From the combination of sanitary and epidemiological and physical and psychological factors it was derived precisely this time.For the youngest pupils use a shorter academic hour, which is equal to 35-40 minutes.Think about it, how to keep in place our little fidgets for a long time?After their life runs much faster, new experiences and adventures and beckon the kids themselves.And to share the news and celebrate the natural need?The latter, incidentally, is no small importance, since many children can be ashamed to ask for the teacher absent himself during the lesson, and suffer, you know, bad.That is why the time is divided into academic academic hours, which are arranged between the breaks.

Older children have become accustomed to such pressures, so Academic hour increases with time up to 45 minutes.And in the higher schools usually also use a timeline.Typically, one academic hour involves the study of the subject, but in the universities of one academic hour is getting low, so they are paired.Therefore, two hours are academic one pair.

Based on lesson planning the teacher or teacher, this length of time is sufficient for checking prior knowledge, exploring new themes and explanation of tasks that are given to an independent study.The process of integration of the national education system in balonskuyu (European) easily meets such standards.

whole education system is built on the notion of "academic hour."This is how much goes for the entire course of study, you may find yourself.Academic hour is 45 minutes a month - four weeks of training (usually five days).Usually one year of study for each subject includes 72 academic hours (lessons).

received a diploma of higher education institution, you will be issued at the hands of its annex.It lists all the courses you have learned, and how much academic hours allocated for the study of each subject separately.Based on this data, your employer may determine the extent of your training.

Visiting various courses and trainings, you will also come across this concept.But in this case, time will be of a commercial nature.Therefore, before you pay for the provision of services to you, should clarify the duration of the training.At times, many are mistaken, fee per academic hour, thinking that they were supposed to allocate 60 astronomical minutes.But, as a result, it appears originally intended only 45 minutes.Although some private offices may increase the time to an hour or more without interruption.

Based on the above information, you can now easily plan their time.For example, knowing that the occupation will last half an hour, you recalculate the time the formula of "one academic hour + break + one academic hour."Given that a break usually lasts 10-15 minutes, your session will last 1 hour 45 minutes.This information will be very useful for those who often need to use scheduled services routes, or simply going on a business trip for a refresher course in another location.