What is hail, snow pellets and freezing rain, and what the difference between them?

snow, ice pellets, drizzle, hail and rain - this precipitation.They should be distinguished from frost and dew, which is nothing other than the condensed moisture is deposited on objects or plants.This phenomenon, like a mist, as derived from the difference in temperature.For example, autumn is the evaporation of water from more progrevshihsya reservoirs.Steam, hitting the cold air condenses immediately.But water slurry because of its own gravity can not rise up and become a cloud, so the spreading near the ground, filling the lowlands and floodplains.However, here we go just about precipitation.The different degrees of grit similar to them, and freezing rain?Learn from this article.

transition state?

Even primary school children tell what degree: something in between rain and snow.Water droplets freeze and turn into icicles - big and small.Falling to the ground, they make a loud noise as if spilling nuts or pebbles.Gradinki not immediately melt.Sometimes you can see them as they littered the ground carpet height of several tens of centimeters.But the icy rain, though painful whips person immediately turns to water.Sometimes it can be heard ringing single crystal "drops" on the asphalt.But more often this kind of rain is accompanied by the sounds of normal rain.A snowy grit fray on the ground with a soft rustle.These different rainfall and mean.Hailstones - large and translucent.Freezing rain is like a shattered glass.And the grits can be likened to a miniature snowballs.

As formed snow?

to seriously look into the issue of what a castle should just go back to the basics of natural history, and remember how clouds are formed that carry rain or snow.Moisture evaporates from the surface of the earth.But most clouds form over the seas, the oceans, where the water is more.Updraft lifted the pair up.At different altitudes due to the reduction of air temperature moisture condenses.But it turns into water droplets, and is converted into ice crystals, bypassing the liquid state.If the cloud is small and light, it drives the wind in a dry area where it melts and the ground not giving precipitation.The dense layer of the atmosphere can not hold heavy, low clouds floating.Ice crystals begin to fall.Ate the air temperature at ground level above zero, they melt, turning into raindrops.But if the window - below zero, crystals fused together, forming snowflakes of various shapes and sizes.

What is hail?

This is a completely different type of precipitation.And there he is completely different clouds.Can you remember any rain clouds threaten us?Dense, dark gray, sometimes purple ... High like billowing tower, they come quickly, as if a tornado.Unlike rain, hail rarely accompanied by lightning and thunder.But there is always a heavy wind.Gradinka born just like a snowflake - of ice crystals.But it was not formed in the flat clouds that carry snow.Grad produces very form clouds.High mass over us for several kilometers.It is clear that between the lower and upper edges of the clouds there is a difference in temperature.Located closer to the ground crystals melt, turning into water droplets (degrees never falls in winter).But instead of to shed rain, strong updrafts directs this moisture up where it freezes - this time in the form of a small ball of ice.If the movement of the wind in the clouds weak, small hail falls.But if the air flow is strong, then melted again puts the ball was upstairs, where it acquires another ice shell.Sometimes hailstones faced, fused with each other.Then the form of change.This is not the ball, and the conical or pyramidal complex formation.The larger drop makes migrations, the larger the hail.The maximum size of the ice pieces is 150 mm, and weight - more than a kilogram.

How to prevent hail

clear that falling to the ground at a speed of 150 kilometers per hour, serious injury and damage can not cause such huge specimens.People have long thought about how to prevent the loss of crops and livestock from the hail.In the Middle Ages, they found a pattern: if the issue is very loud and sharp sound, then the clouds spilled rain.Therefore, the approach of danger people beat the bell and shot out of a cannon.From the ripple of air hailstones fell apart, became smaller and melted before it reached the ground.Now a cloud of dangerous projectile fired special reagent silver iodide or lead.

Now that we know what the hail, let's see what the snow croup.These are small, 1-2 mm diameter balls of snow.In contrast to the city, they are fragile, opaque white.In fact, it fused and rammed snowflakes.

for common development

In the modern Russian language the word "city" has another meaning.So-called system of reactive volley fire, which replaced the outdated "Katyusha".It is a deadly weapon was developed by AI and design bureau Ganichev SSPE "Alloy".The base complex is modified from year to year, creating "Hail-In", "P", "1A" and other settings.