Name Stefania - the meaning and mystery

knowledge of the mystery names - a journey into the fascinating world of the human soul, in which there is an understanding of its behavior and do things.Today, we will examine the nature of women who wear the name Stephanie.Value, origin and impact on the lives and many others describe this publication.You'll learn the names and astrological characteristics of men with whom more chances to create happy family.

Today, hardly anyone gives her girls a name, but it is not going away.Female name Stephanie (Steph for short) in ancient Greek means "crowned."His winner - Proud by nature, prone to extraordinary behavior.However, the quality of it may be entirely absent or pronounced depending on the environment in which the girl has grown.

name Stephanie.The value for the child

that name called their daughters more often religious people.This quality is transmitted and little Stephanie, that upholds moral standards.The girl has an analytical mind and a remarkable memory.

name Stephanie.The value in t

he older age

Adult Steph able to control their own destiny.From the side it looks severe, unsociable and closed.However, it is hiding an active, persistent and confident personality, which may cause the interest of others.It's very emotional, vulnerable and freedom-loving so that if other people are trying to command it, it will do everything in defiance.Stephanie will never forget the offense, although thanks to the education of parents forgive enemies.In this nature successfully develops career.Thanks to his abilities, she can handle a large volume of information.The scientific field of activity does not interest her.

What is the name for a family Stefania?

Girl with childhood dreams about a loved one who will protect her life.In the harsh reality of it is found is not the man who was in her dreams.Even if Stephanie decides to go with him to the altar, in the soul will still feel lonely.

more probability to get out safely married at Stefa, who was born in the autumn.For this person the family hearth - the main value in life.She'll make a lovely hostess who is very good at cooking and needlework.In old age, it is often irritated, because of what is subject to diseases of the cardiovascular system.

name Stephanie.The value of astrology

protect the owner of that name just two planets: Mercury and Jupiter.

  • Birthstone - Labrador.
  • color name - purple and black.
  • plant Charm - barberry.
  • Animal Guardian - electric ray.
  • Zodiac sign - Sagittarius.
  • auspicious day - Saturday.

Steph successfully create a family with a man whose name is Alex, Tom, Arnold, Valery Leonid Leo, Ignat, Max, Michael, Paul, Sergei, Timothy and Thomas.Fragility will marry Andrew, Alexander, Ermolaev, Igor, Konstantin, Mark, Nikita, Peter, Ruslan, Taras and Fedor.

estimated users, about the reliability of the above information, according to the description of the characteristics of the name character traits is 67.91%.