Minx (manicure) - perfection of one's fingertips

That brings certain things in popularity, was not originally intended by their creators as the most important quality development.For example, the world-famous "Viagra" has been commonplace for the preparation of cores with unbanal side effects, but who now remembers it?And how could two friends Janice and Don suggest what fate awaits them an idea - minx (manicure)?

How it all began

Initially, this technology was intended to protect the nail plate.Realizing that variations in the design are truly endless coverage, girlfriends made a real revolution in the nail-art.Minx - manicure, which quickly gained popularity and was regarded as an elite.We picked up the baton masters of haute couture, beating him in their collections, and magazines from around the world, such as Vogue and Cosmopolitan.A particular admirer and the first lady, released on public display in the style of metallic claws, is scandalously outrageous Lady Gaga.Today minx - manicure, which became available to us mere mortals.

What is it

design variety of amazing iron-on transfers, and can satisfy even the most refined and pretentious taste.Abstract, imitation leather of snakes and reptiles, floral and geometric patterns in all colors successfully emphasize the image and it will highlight.However, the most popular today are variants of gold, silver and metallic.

Masters nail art will present minx (manicure) as the only salon treatment, but, showing a true national quality - ingenuity, our women have replaced special equipment for heat treatment of templates conventional dryer or lamps with incandescent and denied (though unofficially) this statement.

salon at home

in principle, to make a minx (manicure) at home, nothing is prohibitively difficult.After selecting the desired label design, prepare the nails, giving them the desired shape and length.Mention of the clean and dry the surface will probably be more than it is a well-known point that precedes any action from the nail plate.Also claws need to remove the natural layer of fat with alcohol.

for better adhesion to the surface of the material can be slightly loosen the top layer of the nail, passing through it a soft buff, but this is not necessary.Then you need to remove the base and heat the sticker until it becomes elastic and pliable.Now we are putting it in place and level.Borrowed from the free edge bends downward and again heated, this time on her finger.All.The coating is ideally take his place, to adapt to the natural shape of the nail.It remains to remove the excess (preferably with the use of glass nail file) perpendicular movements up and down.

just 20 minutes, and is ready delightful minx (manicure).How to do it, it will become clearer after the first procedure, so before responsible action is practice to prilovchilis the labels.Although officially it is considered that such coverage will decorate your hands to 8 days, in practice the term is often increased to 10 or even up to 14 days (depending on the speed of nail growth).Minx - manicure, which is not afraid to damage from homework.But from heat exposure, such as a visit to the steam room, it is better to abstain.Remove the iron-on transfers is very simple: they must be heated, and picked up at the side roller to remove.