The main symptoms of a love spell

Quite often, people fall in love with someone, it seems from the crazy.Love pushes him (or her) to the crazy things that may not like his close friends or parents.Himself same lover do not like his negative attitude towards the surrounding passion.In most cases, he is certainly right, because love - it's a private matter, and so it is, and face the consequences, but the situation changed dramatically when it is not about an ordinary love, as a result of the love spell.

extremely important to be able to distinguish natural from the unnatural love and help people who find themselves in the second situation, even in spite of their protests.Actions love spell is extremely unpleasant and dangerous to the bewitched, that's why everyone will not prevent in any case to learn the basic signs of love spell.

The main difference from the magic of love - is the suffering experienced by the victim of a love spell.This is not about the throes of a broken heart and a strong and inexplicable mental and even physical pain that the victim feels especially being with a woman bewitched him (the vast majority of omens was made by women).Communication with the object of love does not bear him any pleasure and physical intimacy evokes a feeling of filth and wrong is happening.All this is extremely characteristic of normal human relations.

In addition, the characteristics of love spell - it's unnatural behavior of the victim.True love gives man strength, while a spell deprive him of them.A man can not concentrate on anything other than his "favorite", throwing all his passions and deeds.The rest of the people also left an empty place for him.Even the most powerful love will never strike out of the man's head close friends and relatives, and spell can do in a matter of hours the person indifferent to anyone else, except for the witch.

If you see that a man had lost all respect for others and to himself - that is a sure sign of the love spell. tearful, self-hatred, resentment and depression - all of this is quite typical for modern humans.However, if the person did not have the prerequisites to a depressive mood, but they came together with a new lover, it is worth pondering.

This attitude leads to self-destruction, the loss of self-confidence and humiliation in front of his lover - all these are also signs of love spell.Bewitched man will do anything for their "beloved", even if it is completely crush all his manhood.As soon as you see these signs in someone close to you, hurry to save him, because it is quite normal.

with the salvation of man, by the way, should hurry, as if the situation goes too far, man can reach up committing suicide.It is necessary to treat the more serious such a statement, because men, in principle, unwilling to throw them.Notice the similar symptoms of the love spell, immediately rush to the alleged witch and try to warn her about a possible tragedy.It will not help - seek professional help: magicians, sorcerers and ordinary psychologists.

Finally, the most significant sign that the spell is not the fruit of your imagination, is that in my pocket man at his home or in other related areas, there are strange objects: a thread, nails, poppy, etc..- All used to perform the ritual.

features described in this article include, primarily, to men, however, signs and love spell women do not differ much.Is that woman behaves more impulsively and unpredictably.Attempts omens woman could turn into anything but not a happy marriage.And the omens men better not to do - it will not bring happiness to anyone.