Count Razumovsky: biography.

Count Razumovsky, whose biography is quite interesting, was born on the seventeenth of March one thousand seven hundred and ninth year at a farm near Chernigov in a family of Ukrainian Cossacks.This is an outstanding personality who has come a long way from the simple shepherd to the Imperial Apartments Elizabeth.

Childhood Alexei G., or how to become a favorite

Read and write Alex learned from the rural sexton.Having a beautiful voice he often sang in the choir of the village church.And one thousand seven hundred and thirty first year, Colonel Vishnevsky, who was one of the courtiers of the Empress Anna Ivanovna, during his trip through the village was shocked boy's vocal abilities.The colonel took him to St. Petersburg, where he sang in the choir of the palace chapel.

Not only talent was Count Razumovsky.Biography reports that Alex was extraordinarily beautiful.Its exterior and vocal simply captivated Elizabeth.Since that time, it began its rapid rise, which led him to the imperial court in one thousand seven hundred and thirty-second year.In place of her beloved Prince Shubin Elizabeth takes favorite Razumovsky.Soon he lost his beautiful voice, but he was appointed to the position bandura and practically directed at the court of Elizabeth.

Honors and titles donated by Empress

Count Alexei Razumovsky played a significant role in a palace coup on the night of the twenty-fifth on 26 November one thousand seven hundred and forty first year, which led to the throne of Elizabeth Petrovna.And thirtieth day of November, he was appointed chamberlain to the rank of lieutenant general.

A coronation was made Marshal and the holder of the Order of St. Andrew, and Alexander Nevsky.Moreover, Count Alexei Razumovsky was awarded numerous estates in Moscow and elsewhere.There is speculation that he even secretly married to Elizabeth in a rural church in the autumn of Perovo one thousand seven hundred and forty-two.It even earned him the nickname "Emperor of the night."

high position at the court of Empress

In one thousand seven hundred forty pyatom Alex G. becomes Captain-Lieutenant of the Life Guards, and three years later - already a lieutenant colonel.Meanwhile, despite all the honors rendered to him by the Empress, this man is very friendly and ingenuous.

Count Razumovsky, whose biography says that at that time he not only had unlimited power in the state, but also became the richest man, was nevertheless very modest and pious.Always try to stay away from the intrigue and high politics.He was very cheerful and good-natured.And many use these qualities.Guests do not hesitate robbed him, coming to him, and openly cheated, playing cards with him.Oh, is that the Russian people.

Fifth September, one thousand seven hundred fifty six years Count Razumovsky, whose biography is of interest to many contemporaries, received the rank of Field Marshal.During the reign of Elizabeth, he had an exceptional position at the court, the fact that eesmotrya subsequently approached the Empress herself another favorite - Ivan Shuvalov.In one thousand seven hundred and forty fourth year of the empress even visited his native village Razumovsky, where she met with members of the family of Alexei Grigorievich.

care about the interests of the family, or the appointment of his younger brother

Chamber Razumovsky's Summer Palace is directly adjacent to the chambers of Elizabeth and the Earl had regular access to them.Alexei Razumovsky, count, absolutely no interest in politics.Yet often supported chancellor Aleksei Petrovich Bestuzhev-Ryumin.So, on the advice of the latter, it has been restored Ukrainian hetman.His younger brother, Count Kirill Razumovsky moved to Glukhov, where he was elected and appointed hetman in one thousand seven hundred and fiftieth year.

Thanks to his brother Alexey G., he has previously been sent to study at the University of Berlin.Empress awarded him the title of Count to one thousand seven hundred and forty-sixth year.And at the age of eighteen years, he has been appointed president of the Russian Academy of Sciences.Then it becomes a lieutenant colonel in the Izmailovo the Imperial Guard, and a few months later - a senator and adjutant-general.

Legends of posterity Alexei G.

There are many legends that tell children about the possible marriage of Alexei G. and Elizabeth the Great.The most famous - Two Princess Tarakanov.One of them became a nun under the name Dositej.She died in one thousand eight hundred tenth year and was buried in the family vault of the Romanovs.The other Princess Tarakanov was arrested in Livorno, and then died in the fortress of tuberculosis.

However, none of these legends about children Razumovsky and empress is not documented.The children were only Cyril, who had five daughters and six sons.One of them, Count Alexei Kirillovich Razumovsky, became minister of education and the well-known botanist, Andrew became a fine diplomat, a daughter of Count maids of honor were very well-known and well-settled in marriage.

Later years, and shortly before his death Elizabeth

Before his death, the Empress made a third successor of Peter and made him promise not to hurt her favorites.In one thousand seven hundred and sixty-second year Alexei Razumovsky decides to retire.He moved from the Winter Palace to Anichkov, which was given him Elizabeth.

After the death of Empress Catherine II at the request of Alex G. destroyed all documents, certificates of marriage with Elizabeth.A Sixth of July one thousand seven hundred and seventy first year he died Razumovsky.Graf was buried in the Annunciation Cathedral of the Alexander Nevsky Lavra.

famous monument of architecture in the city on the Neva

As the memory of this family on the Moika Embankment is the palace of Count Razumovsky.This is one of the few mansions left over from the eighteenth century in St. Petersburg.He is one of the finest estates of the city.Work on the construction of the Palace lasted for about four years.The front part has been separated from the seafront with a high stone wall in the center of monumental gates.

main facade is strictly symmetrical includes many carefully traced reliefs.Palace Razumovsky was known for its many balls and masquerades.Count the days are arranged alms during public holidays and took more than two thousand people.

further fate of the palace Razumovsky

At the end of the eighteenth century, the palace was bought by the State Treasury and has been used as an educational home to care for destitute children - orphans, foundlings or disabled.In one thousand nine hundred eighteenth year in this building was the first in the Russian State Pedagogical Institute.And already in the twenties, it was renamed in honor of social criticism and political philosopher Alexander Herzen.

In one thousand nine hundred and sixty first year in the courtyard was a monument to Konstantin Ushinsky recognized as the founder of the teaching of science in Russia.It is located in front of the main entrance to the institute, and now the university.The building was subjected to several internal reconstruction.Therefore, none of the original interior was not preserved.

Another architectural monument or dwellings Razumovsky

Incredibly beautiful and the estate of Count Razumovsky.This wooden building was built specifically for Alexei Grigorievich.The central part of it was built of wood, and the side wings with two floors built of brick already.This unique masterpiece estate construction has not suffered even during the one thousand eight hundred twelfth year, when Moscow was burned during the invasion of Napoleon.

In one thousand nine hundred eighteenth year the estate was founded by the Institute of Physical Culture.The unique structure on the orders of Lenin was subjected to reconstruction, covered with ponds, and in their place is a sports grounds or stadiums.Even in modern years, the estate was transferred to the Academy of Arts named Tsereteli.Soon there was a fire that significantly damaged the main building.