Conspiracy to marry.

Public opinion has always condemned any manifestation of a lady of the initiative in the relationship.But this does not mean that red girl sitting by the window, waiting as long as a fine young man will pay attention to them.In the arsenal of the young ladies were always many ways to not only attract male attention, but also bring to the altar betrothed.Of course, often, it's just the psychological manipulation, female cunning or guile.But ladies and magic used in love affairs with pleasure.Immediately, we note that in the struggle for the future of her husband, not all methods are good.We must not forget that magic acts basic law of nature: "Every action has an opposition."Therefore, breaking someone else's family, or imposing a love spell on a guy who is indifferent to you, do not wait for happiness.

time-tested ritual - a plot to marry, addressed to the Virgin Mary.Agree, who does not like her to understand all the aspirations and concerns of women.Unfortunately, you can use it only once a year, on the feast of the Holy Virgin.According to the ritual, the girl that wants to get married or find a lover, crossing the threshold of the church must speak softly, the following words: "The Blessed Virgin Mary, the snow covered the earth, and me Zhenishke."

lady, born under the signs of the earth, you can try plotting to marry with plants.The rite is performed on the rising moon on Wednesday.For his need of pre-prepared seeds of beans (even number), the pot and the earth, a glass of water.No candles or other magical attributes do not need to buy.This ritual is going on, they say, the power of thought.Therefore, if you have not met your half, as long as you plant beans, Think of all the details of how you want to see her future husband.If the candidate has already started grooms, imagine a magnificent wedding and continued happy life together.Do not forget to repeat the plot on marriage, "the beans to grow, and I married the girl go."Watering the seeds, keep a glass in his right hand and drive it in a clockwise direction, repeating: "It will be as I wished. Lips lock. The key language. Amen. Amen. Amen."Then put the pot on the windowsill, so that it fell light of the moon.Now you have to wait for seedlings and care for plants, so it does not withered.

happens in life situations when it would seem, the wedding is one step, but the man did not dare to make it.No need to despair, for such a case there is a conspiracy to marry, helping send the event back on track.

ritual is performed at a rising moon, on Wednesdays and Fridays.A positive effect on the result of finding the Moon in Libra.For magic actions need essential oils of sandalwood, lemon and cypress, as well as the pink candle.
whole process will not take much of your time.To begin, prepare a mixture of four drops of lemon oil, two drops of cypress oil and two drops of sandalwood oil (you can use rosemary).During preparations try to charge the essential oils with positive thoughts and desires.Think of all colors happy life together with your lover.

Alone with the chosen one, rub the oil mixture candle from base to wick with a match and set fire to completely burn out, leave.If the plans are the same and the beloved wants to continue the relationship with you, rest assured - the wedding just around the corner.

girls who want to get results without a long wait, you can suggest a conspiracy for a quick marriage.

If you were a bridesmaid at the wedding, the bride begged to lend you shoes for a while.In the light of the moon, wash the shoes with spring water, while repeating the word "shoe, zemelku trample, but for me busily, so I myself went to hurry to marry. Roth lock, and the key to his language. So be it. Amen."

said that the plot for a speedy marriage triggered a few months.However, whether such a hurry?After all, as the proverb says, "to get married not to attack ..."