Build their lives themselves.

The dictionary Ephraim word "hypochondria" is interpreted as a tendency to increased anxiety about the health and lives of loved ones or yourself.In my view, the definition of a precise, but not quite complete.Hypochondriac people, in my experience, tend to exaggerate all the negative in his view events, whether it's the health of loved ones or simply malevolent glance in the bus or subway.

mistrust - a human tendency to believe that everything in life is directed solely against him and all around are anxious to bring possible harm him beloved.Sometimes suspicious people seem ridiculous.Sometimes they are annoying.Rarely cause sympathy.And with them is always difficult to communicate.

What to do?First of all, you need to keep in mind: excessive suspiciousness - is a kind of disease, psychological (not to be confused with mental!) Deviation.It can have many causes, one of which - the wrong upbringing in childhood.Constant parental punishment, threats, insults, lack of parental love, labeling school can permanently ruin a man's life, making him fearful.Hypochondriac - the fear of displeasing someone brought to ridicule, to be the center of attention, to make a mistake.Another reason for this phenomenon may be severe emotional distress which befell a man.The loss of loved ones, war, betrayal of friends, caused health problems can provoke exaggerated, too exaggerated feelings, get to live permanently in anticipation of repetition traumatic situation.

In order to overcome mistrust, treatment is usually not required.But without consulting a psychologist to do difficult, although it is possible.

First you need to take a sheet of paper, a pen, try to write down what worries.Be sure to read the resulting list.You will immediately see how unjustified part of the experience.Health Worries?Go to the doctor, be surveyed.Someone looked bad in your direction?So what?Switch, think about pleasant.

Try to abstract from all the disturbing situations.At first it will be difficult (here just need a psychologist), then it will turn out better and better.

Remember how everyone living on Earth, you have the right to mistakes and shortcomings.

Understand the most unflattering review - it's just a personal opinion of one person.Learn to miss estimates, but unconstructive words by themselves, and for the Council which is a reasonable proposal, to be grateful to those who expressed them.

Realize: rudeness from others - it is them, not your problems.

Solid basics: like all at once is impossible.

Try to do something interesting.Concentrate on what you are doing better than others, raise self-esteem.

To win your problem, you need to undergo a full medical examination to ensure that there are no fatal health problems do not exist.

However, it may happen that the increased anxiety mistrust - this is the first sign of any abnormalities, such as panic attacks.But in this case there is nothing to worry about.Millions of people (according to statistics, every fifth in the world) is suffering from this psychological and behavioral abnormalities.It has long found ways of treating the disease, and time begun treatment can get rid of it altogether.

hypochondriac people must always remember one thing: their life is entirely dependent on work on oneself.The harder a person will work on getting rid of unproductive fears, the more active and cheerful are weekdays, it will be more successful life.

worked on themselves, adjust their character, their behavior, and be happy!