Business ideas for small town

In this article we look at the business ideas for a small town.They've got a large spread in the cities.Therefore, you can become a pioneer of some of the original business idea for small town.

sale of exclusive postcards

cards sold in stores today, pleasing to the eye, "Happy Birthday", "Happy Anniversary," "With the birth of a daughter (son)", "best friend", "Happy Wedding"etc.And what a pleasure to receive as a gift a gift card with your name, created just for you!So the idea of ​​the business of producing exclusive cards that are created with the maximum personalization of its future owner - a very promising and profitable.

Besides pleasant and bright design and the name of the recipient, such cards may contain information about the mystery and character name, characteristic sign of the zodiac, on the lucky numbers and colors, metals and stones, amulets.In this case, the card may be pendant with a stone guard.It is clear that such cards are very far from their standard "brothers."They are much more interesting and very quickly gain the popularity.

To implement the ideas you need imagination, design skills and free time to search for information on the Internet.Information should be really useful and unusual.Main expenses - printing postcards with printing layouts and small souvenirs, unless, of course, design layouts you create yourself.If you do this with the help of a professional, it will be added to the cost of paying for his services.

advantages of this business idea for small town - that for the sale of these cards you do not need to rent a room to spend big money on advertising the project.Initially, enough computer connected to the Internet, the basic design knowledge and skills to work with graphics programs.Tell about your project can be in social networks.The price for such a card may be 100-200-300% of its cost.

uniqueness, exclusivity and quality of work performed in a very short time you will allocate from the main competitors in the medium and bring your project to a large number of customers.

Business Ideas for a small city - the production of children's pillows for feeding

Baby shops filled with goods for newborns.Find absolutely everything from cosmetics to cribs to strollers.What can we come up with such a lucrative and sought after in this crowded segment of the market?If you look very good, such a product is, it stores is expensive and benefits from it is enormous.This is a pillow for feeding babies.

Feed the baby is not as easy as it seems.After a certain number of minutes of your favorite tiny toddler begins to seem very heavy, numb hands, whining spin.Clasping her waist mommy, pillow for feeding relaxes back muscles, arm support, which has a kid.Convenient and proper feeding stops being fiction, turning into everyday realities of life.Pillow provides comfort not only my mother, but the child, and may be required not only during feeding, but also during pregnancy.When the baby gets older, she would become his favorite vacation spot or a soft toy.

Sew a pillow is not difficult, it is important to use a soft, breathable hypoallergenic fabrics and fillers.According to its curved shape, it resembles a crescent moon.The prices for the product in stores vary depending on the manufacturer, fabric, filler and sizes.On the smallest size model makers set prices from 1000 rubles, broader and comfortable - from 3000 rubles and above.Surcharge, you see, is at least 100% of the ordinary factory instances.Opening the home production, you start to create and release exclusive models.If your production is gaining momentum, and the materials will be purchased from wholesale suppliers, then the margin for your goods can reach all 200-300% or more.Therefore, tailoring exclusive pillow for feeding, taking into account the increasing demand for them - very good, robust and profitable venture.

We considered, in our opinion, the most popular business ideas.If you want to bring them to life, be sure to consult with a lawyer for greater reliability of your business, even if your future business will be fine.Business ideas, original and successful - this is a great opportunity for new entrepreneurs to get rich!