Select the text.

One of the easiest ways to highlight text in a word or phrase - to use a different lettering.So it is possible to emphasize a word or phrase using bold.HTML-page layout easily allows you to highlight words with different shapes - italic, underline, bold.

Bold as a way to highlight important

most vivid and catchy words appear highlighted by a bold.Such words and phrases immediately apparent.So, in order to learn how to quickly identify the right places in the text, to remember a special HTML-code.Bold is exposed using a paired tag & lt; b & gt;& Lt; / b & gt ;.

before the word or phrase, a proposal that should be highlighted, put the opening tag & lt; b & gt ;.After the last character in the text that should be emphasized is put closing tag & lt; / b & gt ;.All that is between these two tags, when displayed in the browser is a bold face.

Other options allocation

So, we found out that you can select the text with another mark.We determine the most simple and at the same time effectively use bold HTML.Now let's talk about other options selection.

example, you can highlight text in italics using a paired tag & lt; i & gt;& Lt; / i & gt ;, stress it using & lt; u & gt;& Lt; / u & gt ;.This is the easiest way to select text.

There are also less well-known and used in tags, with which you can highlight words and sentences in the text.Thus, in order to erase text, it suffices to use & lt; s & gt;& Lt; / s & gt ;.Make monospaced text will pair tag & lt; tt & gt;& Lt; / tt & gt ;.If you need to create a superscript, use & lt; sup & gt;& Lt; / sup & gt ;, lower - & lt; sub & gt;& Lt; / sub & gt ;.

In this case, as previously, the text you want should be between the opening and closing tag.As you can see, there is nothing difficult, the main thing - remember these codes or write them down.

Using multiple fonts

If you want to make the text more expressive, you can use not only bold.HTML-markup allows you to simultaneously highlight the word with a few faces.For example, you can simultaneously make a word bold, italic, and strikethrough.

One must remember one thing - all tags must be closed sequentially.For example, the correct record may be so:

  • & lt; i & gt; & lt; u & gt; & lt; b & gt;the selected text & lt; / b & gt; & lt; / u & gt; & lt; / i & gt ;.

If you close the tags in a different order, the text will be highlighted properly.An example of incorrect entries:

  • & lt; i & gt; & lt; u & gt; & lt; b & gt;the selected text & lt; / u & gt; & lt; / b & gt; & lt; / i & gt ;.

In this case, the browser gets confused and does not understand what you want from him.

way, there may be noted that the mark three options - bold, italic and underlined - is fairly easy to remember if you own hot keys in Word.There's mark is set by the same letters, keys while holding Ctrl.

As you can see, you can not only use italics or bold.HTML-markup allows you to highlight words as easily as a normal Word.


To highlight text widely used not only a variety of colors and shades, different font type and size, but also its mark.And it is using a different outline can be pretty easy to identify a particular piece of text.

To change the font, you should use any tag known to you.Bold HTML-pages - the most prominent and visible, and therefore the most commonly used for the isolation.