E-learning in high school: the main advantages

If you have a little free time, and you do not want to break away from his work, the ideal way out for you would be distance learning.This training is different from the traditional attending lectures, receive theoretical material and practical skills at the seminars.E-learning does not imply a direct, intramural contact the teacher and students.When training using remote system and e-mail.By email the student receives the necessary training manuals, as well as access to training resources.For this it is necessary only to access the Internet.

in Russian e-learning in high school is becoming more common.

What are the characteristics of this training?

First of all, the student works independently with the materials provided to it by using your personal computer, mobile phone, DVD-player.

If necessary, the student receives counseling, advice and evaluation from a remote expert (ie teacher).

With distance learning creates a distributed user community (social network) to conduct a common virtual learning activities.

E-learning involves the timely delivery of educational materials around the clock.

have distance learning has a huge advantage: thanks to him people with disabilities in the psycho-physical development may receive a higher education.

The modern university is possible to implement several models of e-learning.For example, full-time students and part-time faculty (ie, traditional teaching) have access to e-learning courses on specific subjects.Furthermore, among these students are often held various testing (interim and final) and the self-test.

In addition, in today's high schools gradually introduced system of electronic consultation and remote seminars and chats, which are necessary to be able to communicate classmates on educational issues.

In modern times at universities spread the mixed form of education, which is a unique combination of distance learning technologies, and traditional teaching in lecture halls.This combined form is characterized by constant interaction of students with teachers and personnel who provide technical support.

However, in order to successfully trained in "remote format" need high motivation to acquire knowledge in this way.