What Turkey is washed by the sea from the north, west and south?

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Which sea washed Turkey?The map shows that the country is surrounded by water on three sides, and only in the east, it has land borders.In this sense, the state obviously lucky, because the presence of vast waters, but still located in a subtropical climate zone, contributes to the development of beach resorts.All the ponds belong to the Atlantic Ocean.What does it mean?That no matter how tortuous and far as these sea from the Atlantic, but the relationship they have with him.

a nutshell, what the sea washed Turkey: Black Sea, Marmara, Aegean and the Mediterranean.Total - four.But each of them has its own character, climatic characteristics, salinity, species composition of flora and fauna.Some of them have a clear outline because separated from other waters narrow straits.But the border between the Aegean and Mediterranean seas is difficult to determine.It is difficult, but possible.When you look at a map, it seems that the west and south of Turkey washes only one area.However, salinity, density, and temperature of the water in the two different seas.So if you get to the resorts of Marmaris and Dalaman, you can see the unique spectacle of a clear line on the water surface that separates the Aegean Sea from the Mediterranean.But let's not get ahead of ourselves.What Turkey is washed by the sea from the north?The Turks called it Kara Deniz.In translation it sounds exactly the same, as they call it with us: the Black Sea.But the ancient Greeks once furrow its vastness in search of fertile land, called it Euxine Pont - Inhospitable, Inhospitable Sea.We, modern tourists, visiting the beaches of the Crimea and the Caucasus coast in the summer months, it is difficult to understand.But you should have seen it in the winter!That's when it looks black.And surly way, too.Its salinity and temperature of the lowest compared to other water areas of Turkey.Yet even here there are resorts, although not as "promoted" as on other coasts: the Horde, Kars, Trabzon.

Which sea washes Turkey further to the south?It is called the Marmara, on behalf of the island, which from ancient times was extracted this precious stone.The water area is small, and therefore there are few resorts: Yalova, famous for its thermal springs, Bursa and the island Turkel, the famous sandy beaches, the ancient city of Bandirma.But in the Sea of ​​Marmara and is a great Istanbul.As you know, on the Bosporus and Dardanelles the border between Europe and Asia, and these are the straits that connect the Sea of ​​Marmara with the Black and the Aegean.

Go ahead.What Turkey is washed by the sea from the west?Aegean.It is also called White because of the color of water.There are many scattered islands, making the waters in ancient times was also called the Sea of ​​Archipelago.It is warmer than the Marmara, but colder than the Mediterranean.The resorts of Fethiye, Kusadasi, Marmaris and Izmir have a good rest in the summer - west trade winds bring freshness and help to transfer the Turkish heat.

Most tourists visiting the country, the question "What is the sea washes Turkey?" Answer without hesitation: the Mediterranean!This is not surprising, because on the banks of this vast water area are the main resorts are on everyone's lips: Antalya, Alanya, Belek, Side, Kemer.It - the warmest and most salty."Medi-Terran" - "between the earth" - so you can translate the name of this international area.She washes the shores of Europe, Africa and Asia, and includes in its membership the Tyrrhenian Sea, Ionian, Adriatic and others.It is closest to the ocean: it is enough to pass the Strait of Gibraltar - and you're in the Atlantic!