How to cook the dough for chebureks kefir

Chebureki - very tasty and filling pastries, which also quickly prepared.Filling them is minced with various additives.Having made this dish for dinner or lunch, you can cater to almost all home.Every housewife has a note on your recipes and tricks, I would like to dwell on how to prepare the dough for chebureks kefir.

There are a few recipes.For example, one of them is as follows.At half cup of yogurt will need a teaspoon of sugar, soda and salt on the tip of the knife.Flour should take about half a kilo, but maybe more.The yogurt is put salt and sugar, stirred.Flour mixed with baking soda, the liquid is poured into small portions.Kneading tight and elastic dough, which is left for some time at room temperature.Meanwhile preparing the filling, for which ground beef mixed with chopped onion, salted, seasoned, pour a little water, yogurt or milk (the filling will be juicier), until the mixture becomes watery.The dough is rolled out thin layer, cut a circle out of it.At the center of each put stuffing, they are wrapped, they are given the desired shape.Fry pasties in a large amount of oil over medium heat.

To make yogurt pasties on, you can follow the following recipe.Three cups of flour mixed with egg, salt, vegetable oil and a glass of yogurt, add a little salt.The dough should get tight.Otherwise, add more flour, to obtain the desired result.Then it is divided into several smaller pieces, each of which is rolled out thinly, and is placed in the middle of the filling.We need to try to air inside virtually no choice.For this product we recommend fashioned slightly flatten with a rolling pin.

tasty and juicy, this turns baking if the dough for chebureks kefir prepared as follows.In the warm yogurt put a teaspoon of baking soda, on the surface of bubbles appear.Then turn added a teaspoon of yeast, salt and sugar to taste, vegetable oil (so the dough will turn out softer), flour (until then, until the mixture no longer come off on your fingers).The dough is placed on the half hour in a warm place, and then rolled out, it laid out the filling and the edges zascheplyayutsya.This recipe test pasties on yogurt can be used not only for products with meat, but also with a variety of others, for example, cabbage (for this pre-stewed cabbage with tomato paste).This dish is perfect for lean table.

following recipe for which you can prepare the dough for chebureks kefir, allows you to make not only tasty but also healthy dish, because the ingredients include oatmeal and semolina.In half a liter of fermented milk is poured half a glass of semolina and oatmeal, stirred, left for an hour to swell grains.At this time, the egg is shaken with sugar and salt, add 2 tablespoons of flour and half a cup of boiling water to form a dough as pancakes.Both mixtures are interconnected, if necessary, should put more flour.The dough should get soft and a little stick to hands.Flour, as appropriate, is added during rolling out.It is possible to make such pasties not only with meat, but grated cheese or vegetables.

should be noted that the dough for chebureks kefir turns tender and tasty, so it is used quite often for the preparation of the baking.Delicious and hearty pasties have long been a favorite of many pastries.With their frying oil is not worth saving, they must be half immersed in it, because only in this case they will get a crispy top.